Strike the Blood episode 5: The 1st Progenitor Messager

Strike the Blood 1st progenitor messager

We are beginning a new arc in Strike the Blood and while this arc will probably be much more intense and interesting when it comes to the story, this first episode was rather abrupt and empty compared to what we’ve been used to in the past. I feel like a lot of names have been tossed around and that many new development occurred without real link between each of them.

Strike the Blood combat

Just a few episode back no one knew who the Fourth Progenitor was and now suddenly he is the official representative of the island even though no one else know he is the fourth progenitor too. It seems like Kojou’s renown grew much faster than his own awareness or mine, because I had no idea that he would be as recognized as he is now, at least not so suddenly. I think that maybe I missed some part of his evolution or some story elements at some point because I don’t think someone who lives in eastern Europe could possible be aware of the arrival of the 4th Progenitor when the people on the island are still unaware of it. Hopefully in the next episode there will be better explanation as to what is going on there.

On the other side of the story, I feel that the harem part of the show might very well never take off. Kojou is never with the other girls and they barely talk or hang out together anymore. Unless they manage to somehow enter his world I don’t feel it would be possible to have more than 1 female character of importance in the show. It already seems pretty set that Kojou has an assigned Queen and he will probably stay with her for the duration of the show if everything goes according to plan, the other girl could straight up be killed if they happened to enter his world too much. After all Kojou might be immortal but that won’t help him in saving the people he loves, on the contrary he will just be able to survive any attack to see everyone near him die next to him. It is a rather cruel fate and if I were him I’d definitively try to get a hold of my power a bit more, if only to defend myself from attacks like the one he was the victim of this episode.

Strike the Blood aggressive spouse

Overall I felt that this episode was a bit empty too, not much actually happened and there was more school life than anything else. I wish the episode had more story elements and information to situate us better in the universe rather than the amount of lame peaking jokes that were there this episode.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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