Strike the Blood episode 6: Lover’s quarrel

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How glad am I that Kojou’s secret is finally being revealed to every character. I know that some show loves to have their main character remaining masked forever and in the unknown, but in the case of Strike the Blood there was already so many people aware of the Fourth Progenitor existence that it didn’t make much sense to have Asagi remain the only one in the dark about his identity. On the contrary seeing her reaction will probably something worth watching. Knowing the identity of Kojou will be even more meaningful to the story because now Asagi will be involved in his business and as opposed to the other characters she is completely helpless and unable to defend herself.

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Asagi is a really intelligent (probably too intelligent for her own good) character and this should bring some new dynamic to the show where Asagi is in constant trouble because of Kojou and Kojou just has to protect her at all time. At this point it is rather obvious that the show, while a harem technically, will mostly focus on the relationship between Asagi, Yukina and Kojou more than anyone else. I like it better that way too as introducing more character for the romance/harem part of the show could potentially severely water down the quality of the story and the rest of the action. Currently the arc system for Strike the Blood works quite well for its story and it would be a shame to see the actual event be taken away for pointless harem scenario.

We are two episode down into this new story and things are already starting to move forward quite a bit. Asagi is now aware of Kojou’s supernatural side, a terrorist is in town and Asagi probably helped him solved the puzzle without her even knowing. Next episode we already had glimpse to show us that Asagi will probably be mind controlled by some vampire to work for them and I’m pretty sure Kojou won’t be too happy about that. While they were told not to do anything about the terrorist organization, it is certain that Yukina will get involved no matter what and I’m pretty sure the terrorist already have the knowledge required to get their hand on the ancient biological weapon. We did see some kind of arachnid kind of structure on the computer, but I remain rather curious as to what kind of weapon this Nalakuvera is.

Strike the Blood Nalakuvera

In the world of Strike the Blood familiar are the weapon of choice, so maybe the Nalakuvera is some kind of controlled inorganic puppet that throw chemical in the air to kill everything. To be honest I find it rather difficult to grasp how a weapon can be an Inorganic life form and a biological weapon at the same time, my understanding of those words are rather contrasting. We will probably get more info on that next episode, or learn that the sub group I was watching were horrible, either way finding out should be interesting.

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