Strike the Blood episode 7: Weapon Unleashed

Strike the Blood Destruction Machine

Well well well, I’m not sure if I either love or dislike the fact that the arc are so short. It is really nice to have such a quick build up of action and having everything revealed quick enough, but overall it also feels like it is a bit cheap to get the answers to everything so quickly. I mean it was only 2 episodes ago that the arc had begun and we can already see its end. The show seems to have a lot of depth to it, so it is a bit awkward to see every story go by so quickly. In the grand scheme of things the general show still progresses forward (which I really appreciate since I hate complete episodic show), but so many new character and plot just come and go so fast, I feel like they could have the individual arc be a bit more complex instead.

Strike the Blood evil warlord

On the other hand it is not a bad thing since it makes sure the show never drags on and become filled with fillers. We have our into episode, followed by character development episode and then the final action in 2 episodes. The one thing that bugs me a bit about Strike the Blood is the amount of characters that are introduced considering how fast paced the show is. I’d rather they had less character and more time to expand on each of them than the current format.

Strike the Blood terrorist pick up

This episode was filled with the beginning of action as we learned Vatler was in fact a traitor who is just a really bored immortal-being looking for something exciting in his life. The guy is hinted to be really strong but we barely had any chance to see him in action just yet and it seems that by the way things are going we won’t see anything for a little bit more either. Now Koujou will jump into the fray and increases his strength even more and show just how powerful he is once again. It is a shounen think to constantly see the main character get stronger and stronger and I must say I enjoy it very much.

Strike the Blood battle

The one thing I am really hopeful of is that now all of Koujou’s friend will know about the truth and Koujou will slowly assume his role of 4th Progenitor and then things will start getting really intense. I mean already we have people destroying the whole city left and right, imagine when Koujou will actually be powerful what the action will look like…awesome.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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