Strike the Blood episode 8 & 9: Give us better Bad Guys!

Strike the Blood typical enemy

episode 8

We saw the end of the second arc of Strike the Blood and I must say that the show better pull off a really great arc from episode 9 to 13 because for now the show seems to lose steam every passing episode. The show started strong but now it seems that we are left with a story that becomes shallower every time. I feel like while the universe seems interesting and somewhere fun to develop a story, the actual enemies are quite boring. We barely have time to know about them that they are defeated. It makes for rather boring combat ultimately since nothing ever seems to matter. We are due for something a bit greater, with a conflict that goes beyond we saw previously, something that can actually be challenging and not just a stepping stone in the story.

The other problem with the show is the need for constantly increasing the harem size while it is already huge. The romance in the show is getting rather stale because of it and it seems that every single character is either an enemy or a love interest and that there exist no middle ground there. I just wish we could get a bit less new female character to help Kojou and a bit more badass enemies to make thing more interesting. Worse case just have a sexy female as the next nemesis for Kojou, but at least make someone who isn’t as uni-dimensional as the previous opponents.

Episode 9

Beginning of a new arc and it seems some of my wishes from the previous episode have been fulfilled. The next challenge for Kojou will be an evil female angel. There you go, more ecchi and action at the same time. Yet there was once again a new female character introduced this episode nonetheless, but she seems rather involved in the current story and I’m pretty sure she’ll turn out to be part of the “evil clan” from the look of things. It is rather fun that for once the guy isn’t fighting human or demon but an angel. It will surely make thing interesting as we get to discover yet another important race of being. Now, how is an angel so evil is something we have left to figure out.

This arc is the last redeeming option for Strike the Blood, if they can pull off something interesting here to renew the interest of the show they can redeem themselves for the past arc which was rather boring, but if this one arc ends up as boring as the last one I might lose all hope that Strike the Blood will be anything more than a really boring generic harem/shounen. We already have enough element of a love story going on, I’m just waiting for the actual story of Strike the Blood to start rising a bit more now. Surely this show can’t continue on this weak streak, I’m certain it can do better.

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