Suisei no Gargantia episode 1 [First Impression]: Lost in Space


Wow, I am seriously surprised at Suisei no Gargantia, I was not expecting for a science-fiction show to come out this season, it seemed like the season was mostly a shoujo fest and now I’m welcomed by such a realistic and exciting show. We already got a space battle and a reunion with the home planet, we have an A.I and a young soldier, a group of earthling who are some kind of archaeologist .. this show just smell of goodness.


As of now I’m willing to say that this is the show I have the best hope for this season. The art is beautiful, the story looks solid and the universe is really fascinating. Who would have though that humanity greatest enemy would be giant plants who shoots laser? The war against the Galactic Alliance of Mankind and those giant plant looked epic enough, I sure hope that the show will explore that part of the war again in the future. It would be quite interesting. It is also quite formidable to think that humanity somehow managed to evolved so that they were unable to remember where earth was to begin with.

space snail

I’m not sure if this show will take an approach similar to the Starcraft Universe to explain why those humans can’t find earth again (some explorer/criminals were sent into a distant galaxy and were never the one who got there in the first place and they have no access to previous knowledge) or if it has simply been so long that Earth was an Atlantis.

girl and her squirrel

It is also kind of weird that the technological level of the human who left far surpasses the one of the one still on earth. It is especially weird that the technological level of the human on earth are quite similar to the level of technology we have now. If humanity originates from earth, it means that they needed the technological level of sending people into outer space to colonize other planet and make liveable space habitation. Yet the earthling that we currently see barely seems to have the technology to get to mars, let alone create a new civilization in outer space. How could human originate from that planet and become so much more advanced technologically while the people on earth haven’t progressed one bit meanwhile? It seems that there is something extremely fishy here. I’m really wondering what happen for humanity to become split this way and for earth to be so technologically primitive.

flower super attack

This show is exactly my kind of show, I love science-fiction and as of now this show seems to be a good science-fiction show, not too much bullshit and enough science to make the fiction believable. I am going to blog it, but not only will I blog it, I will also enjoy the hell out of it. The universe already fascinate me from episode 1 and there is just so many questions I ask myself…I want to learn everything !


ZeroGhj signing off

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4 Responses to Suisei no Gargantia episode 1 [First Impression]: Lost in Space

  1. higgsbosoff says:

    My guess would be that either Red travelled back in time besides just space (with wormholes you never know), or that Earth has undergone some kind of global catastrophe that has sent back its inhabitants to middle age – and they’re still recovering. It may be the same catastrophe that prompted the now “Galactic Alliance” guys to flee the planet forever. Disastrous global warming runaway, an asteroid impact, whatever. Or it could be that there’s something fishier about the Alliance. That first speech reeked of propaganda. I get the feeling they are more of a military dictatorship than anything else… maybe even the aliens are just a puppet enemy that they fight only for the sake of running a war economy.

    • Zeroghj says:

      While I agree that the Galactic Alliance seem fishy, I don’t think they would go as far as creating a puppet enemy, especially one which is stronger than they are. Having said that, I do agree that time travel would be a possible explanation, but I figured that Chamber might have figured out something like that. The disastrous global warming runaway or simply the disaster cause would be the thing I would be the most willing to consider. Considering that it would make sense for humanity never to go back to earth in a situation like that.

      • higgsbosoff says:

        More than creating a puppet enemy, I was thinking more of forcing a war against an alien race which, left alone, would not really be much of a problem. We don’t even know if that fleet at the beginning really was all of humanity’s forces. What do we know is what was said in the propaganda… dream, I guess, at the beginning. I suppose that’s what they were projecting in Red’s mind before awakening him. A sort of mission briefing. For the rest, Red’s been only fighting and sleeping all his life, what does he know of the real motives behind the Alliance? Or whether Avalon really exists and is not just the carrot everyone’s running after? As I said, fishy. I think the entire point of Red being stranded on Earth is that he’s going to discover the truth behind the world he’s been living in.

        • Zeroghj says:

          While I do agree that something is fishy, I don’t think that the propaganda goes as far as lying about the Avalon. No matter what the humans need a breeding ground, especially if they want to lead a military nation that sacrifices tons of resources and men on alien flowers. I would agree that it seems legitimate to think that maybe they are a puppet enemy though. After all while humanity is said to be fighting for their survival, somehow those space mollusk never made it to earth.

          Having said that, it seems that the focus of the show will be mainly on earth and while I completely agree with you that he will learn a lot more about how the Humanity Galactic Alliance came to be and while I also think that he will discover something really fishy about the alliance, I don’t think that the alliance is so manipulative as to lie about Avalon and I don’t think that their motive is really anything else than either a real struggle for survival or simply a military campaign to unify the entire human nations under a single banner. Hopefully time will tell and during the show we’ll have lot of things answering our many questions.

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