Suisei no Gargantia episode 10: War is the mother of invention

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Well, this show is going just about everywhere, there are some things I liked this episode and other I found completely cliché and pointless. Let’s see everything new that happened this episode and I’ll tell some good and bad things about each of them.

First thing is the reaction of Pinion when he found all the treasures. It was refreshing to see someone who had not the peace and love symbol branded on his neck, but it is clear that Pinion has some serious small-dick-overcompensation problem. Pinion isn’t even greedy, he is simply starving for attention and power to fill in his insecurity. This usually leads to bad decision on a large scale, but it can also lead to really great outcome if the people surrounding him are talented and have a head on their shoulder. Pinion will soon become but a puppet of his own fleet and peer pressure will be the forcing factor for decisions and policy to happen. A leader who is easily controlled by the crowd is in the best position to allow great democratic freedom into a society, of course decision will tend to be chaotic and quickly changing, but as we saw this episode, Pinion quickly changes his mind if he is only slightly convinced. The pirates were able to suggest joining the fleet with little argumentation, now the only issue is that Pinion might not be the best leader when thousands of fleet will have come together as one, the danger in unison is division. While joining an organization is usually peaceful, leaving one leads to riot, civil wars and the like, a civil war on a ship would be bloody as it would be quite difficult to escape it. Overall, I like how things are going for Pinion’s fleet.

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The next thing of importance that happened this episode is Ledo’s humanization. At first I was really scared that the show would end with Ledo being absolutely pussyfied, I mean the show is already peace loving enough that it wouldn’t really be surprising if Ledo just grew his hair and started smoking weed telling everyone to love each other. Yet Ledo didn’t fall into complete depression this episode, instead Chamber was there to keep him mentally sane and on track, I’m really glad that it was there because otherwise I might have just ragequit the show.

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Chamber was at a focal point this episode as he was the real brain and intelligent human in all this. He might be just an artificial intelligence, but remember that human creates artificial intelligence, they are a representation of who we are and therefore are lead by the same principle we implement them with. Chamber argumentation was solid, but I feel like he remains too biassed, yet I still agree with his conclusions. Last episode I got myself thinking who would I rather side with now that I know both side of the story and today, with the help of Chamber enlightenment I finally came to a conclusion. I will support who ever wins the war. I believe that biotechnology and artificial technology are both possible future for human race, but it is clear that they are not meant to coexist with each other as one makes the other one pointless. My little brain power isn’t powerful enough to know which of the best as the best outcome of survival, so the best way to find out is to continue their all out war until one of them exterminate the other, a true test of survival of the fittest. Meanwhile the constant war makes the condition perfect for both sides to evolve into better, more powerful human being and it helps the human race to reach his full potential, on both side of the battlefield. In the end, even if there is millennium before the war ends, it will still help and be beneficial to both sides.

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Last point I will pronounce myself on is the apparition of Ledo’s captain. This part is simply cheesy and really boring. The more this show goes on, the cheesier it gets. It is quite likely that his commander indeed fell into the same problem as Ledo did when they failed to enter the portal in the first episode, it is unlikely that both of them ended on the same planet, but then again I’m uncertain of the technology used, so maybe there are scientific reason as to how they could end up on the very same planet.   Now where I am certain that things are stupid; How come Chamber never detected the presence of the other machine before? I don’t care how far away on earth he was previously, but if in space they are capable of detecting each other for hundreds of thousands kilometers away, there is no reason why they wouldn’t detect someone else  on earth, even if there is interference. Meanwhile even if the guy was still unconscious, his machine would have emitted a signal the same way Chamber did, after all both machine would have been acting the exact same way when they landed on earth. Last point on this, it’s just completely lame that someone like that would just reappear near the end of the show just because the show needed something to happen to make things interesting. I feel like there is no reason why he should be there and he arrived for bullshit reasons only. Hopefully there will be proper explanation next episode.

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