Suisei no Gargantia episode 3: Fail Pirates

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This episode was interesting, I never expected for the Gargantia fleet to react that way to the immense superior firepower that Ledo brings to the table. I was expecting for time to be in awe at the superior firepower and to try to use it to their advantage. Yet instead they are worried that the pirate will now want to kill them all. I’m not sure I understand why a fleet of human wouldn’t try to overpower their opponent and try to become much more powerful than they should be. After all humans are known to be hungry for power and greedy so I would expect for the human left on earth to be the same. I think that even if they value human life it would have been much more profitable and easier for them to kill everyone in the pirate fleet and capture their ship. From there they would have one of the biggest fleet on earth and they would be able to remain peaceful because of their military advantage.

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The more this show keeps going the more I feel it is dropping in term of quality enjoyment.  The fleet is really boring and since Ledo is completely overpowered compared to them it is difficult to take any threat seriously. I wish that the conflict could have been a little bit more cruel and destructive. From the look of things it is difficult to imagine that anyone will be able to give any trouble to the crew of the Gargantia until Ledo finally runs out of power. I have a feeling that somehow once Chamber’s dies Ledo will be in a whole lot of trouble, I doubt that there is any way on earth to make him mecha power up again. I’m pretty sure that it must be powered up by some nuclear fusion  technology or the like and that therefore the shiny ocean streams won’t be enough to power it back up once it will be over and depleted. I can merely guess what will happen when we reach that point in the story (or if we even reach that point eventually).

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I wished that the show would go back to space eventually, as the Humanity Galactic Alliance seemed a lot more fun to understand and discover than the life on the fleet, but it seems like Ledo might never make his way out of this planet from the way things are going. He is already starting to learn the language of the locals and eating their food, he might get assimilated into their society faster than he himself expects. From the look of things this show might turn from a space mecha to a boat-life adventure and I must admit that I liked the original genre much more than the current one, especially now that no one is allowed to die.

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