Suisei no Gargantia episode 4: Humanity has fallen

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this show quickly went from an action mecha / sci-fi to a boring american movie plot. This show has Pocahontas or Avatar written all over it. From the look of things I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the show actually turned into the exact same plot as those stories.  At this point the show has already been decided to be way too generic for me to thoroughly enjoy it, since episode 1 Suisei no Gargantia never stopped falling in my personal awesomeness ranking. Right about now it is close to fall below Aku no Hana in term of enjoyability. the more the show went on the more flaws and plot holes started to appear and after every mistake my esteem for Suisei no Gargantia dwindled.

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This episode was spent mostly with Ledo walking around and learning the way of life of the  Gargantians, to be honest their life do seem absolutely pointless and boring. I seriously hope that the show won’t be focused too much on the life of the people of the fleet because otherwise I will die of boredom if this kind of episode were to continue for too long. I don’t care about injured kid, it is interesting to have Ledo learn more about this world and it is interesting for them and us to learn more about the civilization that Ledo lives in and I must admit that therefore I enjoyed when Bebel actually ask about it, since no one else seemed to bothered to ask him. I mean for people who have nothing better to do with their life than to lay around in the rain and push cargo from one ship to another, I feel like they could at least investigate what this guy is all about. I mean they now have access to technology way beyond anything they’ve had before and they used to to haul cargo once at a time. What a bunch of retarded sailor they are.

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The one thing I really liked about this episode is a single line from Ledo. He mentioned that ever since the Galactic Alliance was created they have been fighting for the survival of the human race. Now this make me curious since it was previously suggested to me that maybe the entire war led by the Galactic Alliance is but a charade for political reasons. I dismissed the possibility originally  but I cannot do otherwise but figure that I might have been wrong. After all the phrasing used by Ledo is quite odd. When he said that they battled ever since the alliance was created, was it the Galactic Alliance which was created for the purpose of fighting the space-snails, or was the war started to justify the creation of the Galactic Alliance? Which was the cause and which the effect, that is something that I am wondering right now. I hope that in future episode more clues will be thrown into the fray to help us understand what the Galactic Alliance is all about.

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