Summer 2015 Anime Review Volume 1

GATE face of a true warrior

This will be the first of 3 Volume of first impression for this summer new anime, each week we will give a short review of every show that came out and with longer review for those special anime that really got our attention.

This Week Anime

Classroom CrisisRead our review, but otherwise an average school life where they build spaceship

classroom crisis iris pilot

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri : Read our review, otherwise know this is a fantasy/military anime with great ideas but questionable execution.

GATE dragonknight

Charlotte : Read our review, We will be covering Charlotte has it is a very well produced anime about teenagers with broken super powers.

Charlotte lelouch pose

Rokka no Yuusha:


 A very nice and interesting anime, great shounen with amazing production value and a solid story. It is rather traditional in its telling, the story of a young hero and its companion that are going to destroy the great evil lurking at the end of the land, but it remains a really fun show for fantasy/shounen enthusiast. We won’t be covering the show, but we’ll be watching it avidly still.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu:


Aoharu x Kikanjuu is a shounen with a tomboy for a main character. She wants to be a hero and have justice respected…but unfortunately she fails to find my respect. I found myself completely disinterested in the show. The story does not have a vibe which resonate well with me. Maybe it is too innocent or it is simply because of the culture difference, but Aoharu x Kikanjuu feels way too “young” in its mindset and subject matter for me to find any interest in it. I would not recommend it.



In a world where morality is at its highest and the world is now completely sexually oppressed, a young duo of terrorist is born who will distribute pornography and scream dirty words out-loud to change the dystopian society they live in. This is what our ecchi stories have become.

The show itself is full of shit, it is ridiculous in its setting to the highest degree and in fact it is so out there I was lost in the ridiculousness. I would have still watched the show despite all this, but the ecchi is rather poor and it ruins the whole point of the show. I could deal with the intense craziness that is Shimoneta if at least we got to have more ecchi than dirty jokes (which are even censored!) and pictures of barely NSFW magazines. I would not recommend the show, but do try to watch the first episode, the crazy setting is worth experiencing at least once.

Ushio to Tora:

ushio to tora

 I’ll be honest, I watched Ushio to Tora for about 5 minutes and I had to close it, I had enough. The show is supposed to be some kind of comedy, yet it is just stupid I was unable to appreciate it one bit and instead it only got on my nerve so quickly. This did not make me want to watch the show one bit, first impression are important and Ushio to Tora first impression on me was atrocious. I would not recommend even taking a look at this one.

Gangsta : Read our review, despite its awful name, Gangsta is my favourite anime of the season so far with its serious seinen tone. I will be covering Gangsta this season and I would highly recommend it.

Gangsta goodnight

 This was it for our first weekend, tune in next week for another week of new arrivals.

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