Sword Art Online 2 episode 16: Saving the World…Again

Sword Art Online II fire of victory

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I like this new arc much more than I did the one inside Gun Gale Online, I feel there is much more development and action, it makes for a more entertaining story. SAO didn’t impress me lately with its story telling and the emotional challenges the characters have had to go through. As an anime, Sword Art Online makes a great job at making cheesy stupid stories that are epic and entertaining to watch, but if they try and have the story be too involved and emotional they tend to over emphasis the wrong things and it slows down the strength of the show, the action.

Sword Art Online II Freya to be saved

I must admit there really wasn’t that much going on in this episode, the most of the episode was one big team building exercise, we’ve seen how the group works together, how everyone fights, we were reminded of the personality of the not-as-well-known girl of Kirito’s harem. The monster they had to fight seemed really simply in term of mechanic and there was no truly epic moment, just a casual stroll in a new dungeon. It sure takes away a lot of the excitement of entering a new dungeon when you are followed around by a little fairy who just spoils all the strats and tells you both the cooldown and abilities of the monster you are going to face. Having Yui around, it makes me wonder why Kirito bothers going into a safe strategy to learn the pattern of the final boss when Yui could have simply explained everything before they got started and she will cover their ass with more information as the fight progresses. Time is of the essence here, Yui will be much more reliable than your preliminary observations anyway.

Sword Art Online II Yui the cheat

Next thing that I found really weird is how everyone reacted at the idea of Elfheim being destroyed in the event of an epic quest. If I was the one playing, I would definitively want that to happen. They are meaning to say that they don’t want to be a part in a more than epic scenario that will forever change the face of the world they play in? This smells of unique rewards and epic raid battles, as an MMO player there is no way you would want to run away from an historical event that will change the shape of the world you play in. They even have prime information of the future destruction of their world, they have all the advantages and opportunity to make the most amount of profit from the event that are about to come. They can sell all their properties, making lots of gold with something that will be destroyed and they can even take bets or try to make some insurance fraud with the events about to happen. I would be the first person to cash in with such major changes along the way, I can understand not everyone would think of doing such things and most people would simply enjoy the huge battle to their hearts content, but why would you want to prevent it! MMO are not real life, you should try your best to have crazy adventure, not avoid them!

Sword Art Online II final boss

Logic as never been SAO’s forte, but at least now we are back with a story which I feel more involved in. the pace as been doing well so far too, so I really have no complaints for now and I’m interested to see where this arc will go.

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