Sword Art Online 2 episode 3 : Gun Trauma

Sword Art Online 2 bullied hard

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This episode was a great character introduction for the character of Shino Asada, I knew we would get a bit more story on her and that she would be introduced more in depth along with the reason for her nomination as main character. Turns out we got pretty much every answer we needed too. The girl has a rich backstory and a trauma which makes her case rather special, I think she will probably be a much more interesting character than Leafa ever was. I understand that japan love their incest drama, but I am much fonder on Shino right now and her struggle to face the real world after dramatic event in her childhood. I can relate (to some degree, since I never killed anyone) and appreciate the character much more.

Sword Art Online 2 young bad ass

Before we go into real talk, I just HAVE to point out how ridiculous it is that the super competition in GGO is called Bullet for Bullet, a.k.a BoB. I do not care if it is the most competitive in the world or an award winning movie, if something is called Bob I just cannot possibly take it seriously no matter how hard I may try.  I mean seriously, how can you look at someone who claims to be the best in Bob with a straight face?

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Back into seriousness, I am not sure if it is simply because I have no memory of it or it was never mentioned, but I never knew that the VRMMO were user exclusive. I did not realize that a character couldn’t be transferred from one world to another without losing everything from the previous world, but I suppose it makes sense. What makes a bit less sense in my head is why anyone would ever transfer a character from one world to another in the first place. You lose all your stats and everything, so there is no advantage to transferring a character. I understand why Kirito does it, I mean, he has cheats on and everything because he is the chosen one, but why would that even be a feature for anyone else? Is it just a way to keep your name? Would someone really wipe all progress they made in a game just for the sake of keeping their character name? I must admit I don’t really get it.

Sword Art Online 2 death gun

Either way, Kirito is now on its way into GGO, or so we are teased once again. This time though, he will really be in it next episode. The guy is so willing to believe that he cannot die that he enters the game while monitored by a nurse, while we know full well that the point of this hospital get-up is to witness is death if the rumors happens to be true. It makes me wonder if Kirito won’t get shot and be reanimated on the scene. It would make for something rather dramatic and an interesting twist to the story. Even then though, it makes me wonder if Kirito can even be shot in the first place, the guy is known to be a rather crazy motherfucker. Even more so since he is joining the game with a beefed up character who will be able to use laser sword and stuff, I full he will definitively get some hate and be seen as a hacker, but this remains to be seen.

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