Sword Art Online episode 14:The Final Boss

I had already figured out that Kayaba Akihito would be the final boss, but I never expected him to be the leader of the top guild. What a twist ! Not only did the game end 25 levels before it’s expected finish, but Kirito actually found that where Kayaba Akihito was hiding from the beginning.

If Kayaba did not appear, I wonder how they would have managed to clear the game to begin with. 14 people died on that boss, actually, 34 people died on that boss, since the entire recon team was wiped out. From what it seems, it looks like the front line forces were fading away. Yes there was still over 6 thousand player in the game, but the front line needs someone else than only fighter for it to work. Craftsman and traders are needed too if they are to get anywhere. Even if a portion of them were to go to the front line, it would require a lot of resources and time to train them to a point where they can actually fight on the front line  Not only that, but it is most likely that the most talented fighter were already on the front line to begin with, any new addition would most likely have even lower chance of success compared to the original group.

There is one more thing that confuses me a little. If Kayaba was the leader of the best Alliance of the game, and if he was in charge of leading the front line. Was he playing stupid about not knowing about the boss before hand? or was he really clueless about their abilities? Because if he already knew what they were and how they reacted, it means that he purposely sent dozens of player to their death knowingly. What was his goal anyway? Why would he play the game, with hope to see the story completely unfold, only to kill people for the sake of them dying. I guess I was expecting Kayaba to be a bit more than that, I was expecting him to have a reason, even if delusional, to do all that he did.

The first Arc of Sword Art Online is finally over, it is a bit sad and nostalgic to see the world of Sword Art Online crumble before our very eyes. Kirito and Asuna did it, they saved everyone and now they are back to the real world. They can finally be reunited in person, even if their person is currently in a really weak and skeletal state. I want to see what next arc will bring, I want to see Kirito and Asuna finally united again. I want to see next week episode already !

ZeroG signing off

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