Sword Art Online episode 15: Cruel Awakening

Kirito is now known as the Hero, the one who saved everyone who were trapped inside the world of Sword Art Online. I don’t think he cares much for the title though, especially since Asuna is still locked inside a virtual world. Not only is she still locked up there, she is going to marry someone she hates because of that. Sword Art Online is such a cruel anime sometimes.

It was impressive to see that Kirito is such great shape after he went back from two years of coma. When we last saw him last episode he was barely able to stand up. Now he his already able to fight against a national level kendoka. He still looks a bit feeble, but he has not lost the experience he gained during those last 2 years. Just like he predicted, those two years were not wasted, instead they were an enriching learning experience.

This might have looked like a tragedy, but he did found the love of his life in this difficult adventure. Yet now, Asuna is in grave danger and they are trying to take her away from him. I cannot possibly describe how messed up and cruel this is. Kirito just managed to get back into the real world and there are already people who are trying to mess with him and who wants to steal Asuna from him. He already went through so much and so did she, I just have a feeling that this is not pure coincidence either.I have a feeling that Asuna was not simply unlucky in getting locked up in the virtual world, but that she was indeed locked there by someone (I’d bet my left testicle that this special someone is Sugou).

I want to see Kirito fight for Asuna. I want him to show how much he loves her and to show the entire world what he is capable of when the need arise. We can already pretty much guess with the new OP and ED what will happen in the near future. Kirito will be set in a new RPG that involves fairies and I can already see how this will turn out. The only other info I was able to gather from the Opening alone is Suguha’s involvement in the future arc. It seems that this time around she will actually enter the game with Kirito.

Speaking of Suguha, it was quite unexpected to meet her and already know that she is not indeed Kirito’s real sister, but she is instead her cousin. It doesn’t really change much in term of the story, but this means that we still don’t know who Kirito’s real parents are. I’m already sure that there is a reason why those two are yet to be revealed, I just wonder what that reason is and what role they will play in the future.

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