Sword Art Online episode 16: Alfheim Online

Kirito is such a hardcore gamer; he just played a game non-stop for 2 years where his life was in danger and only a couple of month later he is already ready to jump back into a new one. I guess that when you go pro-gamer, you never go back…not until you have so many wrist problems that you can’t even hold a soap bar at the very least.

Kirito really is a god, I would never be able to do something so courageous

While Sword Art Online was a fantasy rpg with no magic and which involved leveling up, therefore a more pve oriented game, Alfheim Online is said to be skill based and includes magic. Since the game does permit you to log out and since you don’t actually die when you die in the game, the game is really pvp centric. It will be a great chance to have a game which involves pvp, since even in an anime when everything is made more dramatic than it should be, game monster are usually quite limited in their abilities and strategy. Not only are monsters usually dumb, but you will have a hard time identifying with and feeling emotions from monsters in a game.

There is a small skill difference here I believe

Having said that, let’s take about Yu, she is back ! I do understand that the flashback we had to remember who she was was only a minute long, but was it really necessary? It has been less than a month since we last saw her, we don’t have such a short memory (I apologize to any Alzheimer victim who read this, but then again, you won’t remember I insulted you to begin with). Let’s go back to Yu, she is back ! I love her so much, I’m just a little bumped that she is turning into a little fairy helper, I really wish she would stay that cute mysterious innocent little girl that we all love. She is going to save her mother with Kirito, I have no idea exactly how I feel with their weird relationship with that AI, but I think that cute would win  over the weird factor here.

Why is she a pixie now, she was so cute before

Kirito has just set foot into this new game and he is already both cheating and being awesome. If things continue like that, he was first a beater, now he is a cheater, in the next game he will most likely be a hacker. It is quite cheating if he enters a game with 2 years of experience already in him. In the end he was really right when he said that everything he did in Sword Art Online would help him in his life in the future. He spent 2 years playing to survive and now he can reap the benefit from it.

Stop, Badass Time

I’m quite curious how many SAO player turned to other game on the Nerve Gear, I could perfectly understand how most of them would be traumatized by the experience and would want to never play anything similar ever again, but then I’m sure there are some people who have spent so many time in the game that they simply cannot continue their original life anymore. There are people who are unable to exit their video game in real life, people who prefer their virtual lives to their real life, so I would not be surprised to see the same thing happen when those people ACTUALLY lived in their video game for so long. I do wonder if this topic will be explored in future episode. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Zeroghj signing off

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