Sword Art Online episode 17: Evil mind control device

The adventure has already started, Kirito might have just first set foot in the land of Alfheim online, but he already found a new friend and he is already on his quest to conquer and finish this world. What a shocker though that the friend in question happens to be his little sister, that will make for some interesting discussion around the dinning table. He will be able to interrogate his sister about her little “boyfriend” that plays with her and ask her how far they are in their relationship. Somehow I am certain that she will love to be asked such questions.

In other news, Yui is so freakin’ adorable ! I just want to hold her in my arms or inside my pocket. It might be because she is an AI, but she is perfect. One day when I have a little girl of my own, I want her to be just as cute and adorable as Yui. This shouldn’t be a problem, since it means I simply have to kidnap the one I like the most anyway.

Let us go back into some serious stuff. It seems that being an asshole and trying to rape Asuna was not enough for our national jerk. Sugou is having a good time playing god almighty in Alfheim online, Using the escapee from SAO has test subject for his evil plan and keeping Asuna in cage. I can perfectly understand how having the role of the king could be an awesome way to play the game and it could be fun, but he is taking his evil attitude a little too far in my opinion. It was already one thing to take advantage of Asuna outside the game, it isn’t much better when he does it inside the game. He didn’t even stopped there now he wants to develop a way to control people’s memory and emotions? Just how scary does it sounds to you to play a game only to have your memories erased and replaced by fake ones.

The level of evil that represent Sugou is simply beyond my comprehension. I must admit that it throws me off a little, how does someone already so successful manage to have such evil and greedy plans. He could have probably managed to develop his device that controls memories and emotions without the need to exploit people. Such amazing scientific advancement usually have thousand of volunteer to help with the research. Why did the evil route sounded like a better opportunity is beyond me. I understand that Asuna is hot, but that girl is certainly not worth all that trouble. I just feel like SAO is looking for villain even if those villains don’t have an actual reason to be evil. After all, didn’t Kayaba Akihiko said himself that he didn’t even remembered why he did such a terrible thing to begin with? Sometimes there is a limit to how much bad someone can commit without having it look absolutely ridiculous. I hope the story will find good reason to justify Sugou current actions.

ZeroGhj signing off

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