Sword Art Online episode 18: Hunted

Leafa and Kirito are heading for the world tree, the adventure commences ! I’m kind of surprised that it is such a big deal for Leafa to leave her hometown, usually in a pvp-rpg I would expect for everyone to run around to opposing faction territory in order to engage in pvp. People are called renegade for leaving their territory and yet the game is pvp centric. How can you encourage pvp if no one leaves their sweet home.

Why are the wings over the sword? How does that work?

Now Leafa and Kirito have left and there is a real army going after them. They are tracked most likely but Leafa’s original party, I don’t really understand what all the grudge is about. I can understand that having an ex-member become a renegade would undermine the reputation of the group, but to go to such extent to avoid losing reputation is a little bit much. I could understand if they wanted to settle this with a duel, but to actually track those two and try to eliminate them with such a large force is overkill and it won’t help their reputation at all.

Enough of Kirito for now, this episode the focus was mainly put on Leefa (Suguha / Kirito’s sister). She really have a strong brother complex going on, we already noticed it before, but it was even more visible this time around. Another thing that was made more visible are Suguha’s boobs, I don’t know why they had so much attention put to them this time around, but it was slightly disturbing. Kirito is already kind of young and I feel like Suguha is borderline Loly. Of course she looks mature enough in the show, but I still have trouble seeing her as a sexual-being, she is too young in my head.

Now the part I actually found interesting and that will drive the story and flow of emotions forward from now on, ASUNA ! She is still quite resistant to the king incessant abuses. She event managed to remember the password, I would not be surprised to see her make an escape in a short amount of time. Maybe in the end Kirito won’t have to climb the whole tree and he will be able to meet with her only at the base. She might have the will to survive and struggle even more now that she knows that Kirito is alive and well. It must have been terrible for her to have so much doubts and questions left unanswered, she had no idea what was going on in the outside world after all. It must be quite the relief to know that the one you love so dearly is still alive, even if she doesn’t know that he is indeed looking for her at the very moment. Her husband and daughter are fighting hard to find and rescue her right now, she will be so proud.

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