Sword Art Online episode 19: Illusion Magic

We finally had a better look at magic and the system looks really interesting. I just found it a little boring that the magic type are limited to your race. It is always a fun concept to have different race have bonus trait that potentially increase their power in using certain skills, but it is really restricting and unimaginative to have the race determined what kind of magic you can use. If I want to be a lightning and restoration mage I should have the right to be, it is fine if it is less effective because of my race, but I still want the chance to at least try it out if I so feel like it.

Secondly, it is a little weird that a game which focus so much on skill to prove your talent would make it so the  player has to memorize long spell names to cast them. Usually games try to keep it so the player has very little to remember to play the game, since most player don’t really like learning stuff like that and it gives unfair advantage to people with better memorization skills. In the end you have to remember that the objective of fantasy game is for player to have a new life where they can be what they want to  be.  If you put too much of their real life skill into the game, you limit them in how great and different they can be inside the game.

One last note on magic, I have no idea why Leafa would be so sure that illusion magic are useless when fighting, I do believe that it is one of the most helpful fighters magic out there (unless there is something closer to alteration magic like in the Elder Scroll’s game). Kirito might only look more intimating when he transform into a beast, but he is already so intimidating to begin with that just the little boost was enough to see the tanks shit their pants. Maybe Leafa will have a better opinion of Illusion magic now.

Now there is some kind of agreement of alliance to be held and the evil Salamanders are going to make a hell out of the meeting.Now while this might be kind of interesting for the story, it is something really normal for a video game. What I find most interesting is why even though Kirito is trying to save Asuna’s future, he bothers keeping his justice in check and decides to go the slow route to rescue her instead of taking all  the chance on his side and going with the Salamanders. I understand that his sense of justice is what led him this far to begin with, but at same point he has to decide what his most important for him, to stay true to his path or to rescue the one he loves.

Honour and Justice are virtue only until they keep you from being with the one you love.

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