Sword Art Online episode 20: Bad Ass Skill through the roof

Kirito has been in Alfheim online for a total of 2 days and he is already stronger than any other player and the Leader of two factions are already trying to seduce him with their body to lure him to their side. There is always some advantage to be a cheater, he is way ahead on everyone in the game with his 2 years stuck in Sword Art Online and he has enough money to equip a full raid all by himself. It is a little ridiculous how much he can change in this game all alone. After all he just saved two of the 7 great leader of the game and he defeated the best general of another nation all in 5 minutes.

I’m kind of amazed how Kirito was barely able to buy a mansion in Sword Art Online with his money, but now he is able to buy enough gear for a whole raid group and he single-handedly funded the whole alliance war effort. It can be understandable since  Alfheim Online has been going on for much shorter than Sword Art Online, but it is still quite the impressive amount of money. I would be too greedy to give that much away to someone I barely know, even if I knew that the money could be spent to help me in the end, I’d rather keep it to myself or make sure the money is spent wisely than simply give it away to someone.

The game should really put a maximum level to the “bad ass” skill, because I think Kirito as exceeded the limit of the skills a long time ago. He shows up in clouds of dust to protect a diplomatic meeting or he falls from the sun to defeat the strongest warrior in the game, but each times he never fails to make such a splendid and powerful appearance that it is hard to see him as anything else than a complete bad ass when you first see him. Then again, he is a cheater who essentially hacked the game and walks around with a powerful A.I, he is destroying any game balanced that previously existed.

Now our favorite cheater is going straight for the world tree even if he has no mean to climb it, but he won’t even have to because Asuna managed to escape already and she is already heading down, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they somehow met at some halfway point. How beautiful and expected would it be if Asuna was to jump down the tree only for Kirito to catch up in her fall by pure luck. I can already see this happening and it would completely fit the setting and atmosphere of the show. We’ll just have to wait and see if I am any close to the truth or not.

Zeroghj signing off

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