Sword Art Online episode 21: Tentacle Rape

They have finally arrived at the world tree ! This might have taken forever but at least they made it. At first I was surprised to see that the most populous and biggest city in the game was at the base of the final objective, but then I remembered that most game works this way. As people move on in level they want to be closer to their objectives, starter zone become empty quickly and all the action is right next to the final objective. It was unusual of SAO to be any other way, but that was because death was a one time deal in that game, therefore people had a certain tendency to keep away from danger and trouble in general.

Now this city is the real deal, but I have a feeling that Kirito won’t even have the time to set his eyes on it and he’ll be gone, you know what? never mind he has already left. What good is a city anyway, Kirito is too busy running everywhere to bother about anything in the game. He came in the game already more powerful than anyone else and he will ruin everyone’s fun by clearing yet another game but this time by cheating. You have to think about this, some people have been playing for years at this game and they worked really hard to finish it and now some random dude who started playing 3 days ago will clear the game without the help of anyone else, making all those years go to absolute waste for the rest of them.

Meanwhile, while Kirito is busy trying to save her, Asuna is enjoying herself a fine little session of tentacle raping. That girl managed to be one push of a button away from disconnecting, waking up face to face with her beloved Kirito and his little sister, but instead she was taken prisoner by two blob-scientist and she was tentacle raped too. I had no idea that “tentacle rape” was a viable choice in the game, but I’m sure glad to see it, what would a Japanese game be without tentacle or rape. Now we can all feast our eyes on this delicious scene where Asuna is entangled by big tentacle and she nearly blows one.

On a more serious note, it was kind of pathetic how Asuna failed to escape, she was so close to logging out and that would have been the best if her and Kirito were to meet face to face just like that, but I guess the show is 25 episodes, not 21 therefore some complications just had to arise.

I guess we’ll have 4 more episodes of Suguha crying in her brother’s arm and telling him how much it sucks to be an incestuous little girl like her. She already has a nerd running after her, why would she go after her brother instead is something I will never understand, it seems I don’t have enough Japanese blood in me to comprehend how incest works.

ZeroGhj signing off

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