Sword Art Online episode 22: Secret’s Out

It seems like Kirito finally met his match, he’s spent over 2 years in video games and died only once before today and his death was a sacrifice to finish the Sword Art Online. Now he died in vain for the first time, he was resurrected yet again, but he still died. There is a limit to how powerful even he can be. It really doesn’t help either that he was not even dual wielding for his attempt. He knows he was going against something way bigger and stronger than he was, he could have at least the minimal sense of going in there at full force, but of course not, it is Kirito we are talking about here. As stupid as it sounds, he could have probably made it if Leafa sacrificed herself to heal him while he gets up there, but Kirito isn’t really the kind of guy who sacrifice others.

On a different note, I’m surprised of the kind of raid boss which defends the world tree. I was expecting a duo of big monster to show up, or a trio. I never expected for thousands upon thousands of mobs to appear out of nowhere. I can perfectly understand how that place can be a pain in the ass for any raid group. Leafa looks like one of the strong player and she can barely fight evenly with a single one of them, it means that in a regular raid you would need about just as many players as there are NPCs. I see only one problem with the concept of this raid, if people can enter it while someone else is in there an then exit without problem, it means that just about any group could clear it in a similar way than Leafa used. Simply send a couple of fighter to their death, get someone to recuperate their soul then resurrect them and send them back to die. If you have enough people to do so, you will kill every creature at some point and you can declare yourself the best player for using cheesy tactics.

Enough with the game mechanic, I wouldn’t be surprised if for everyone else than a geek like me, Sugu’s brother complex was much more interesting than any combat scenes. The truth is finally revealed, Sugu realizes that Kirito was in fact his brother, she was already so proud of herself to be rid of her brother from her heart just to find out that the man who replaced him was his brother yet again. It must of been already so awkward that Kirito and Sugu realized they were playing together for such a long time, but it is made so much worse because of Suguha’s emotion. That girl needs to understand that she cannot fall in love with just about anyone who gives her a little smile and attention…especially if that guy is his brother. I don’t really understand all this japanese incest stuff, but hey, it sure make for some interesting drama in the end.

ZeroGhj signing off

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