Sword Art Online episode 23: Bullshit everywhere

I’m surprised how easily the whole “Brother Complex thing” was resolved in such simple manners. I think I’d be really shocked and stunned for a least a little while if my step sister told me one day that just loves me and she wants me. I would most likely be initially shocked for discovering I have a step sister, but after that it would make family suppers really awkward. “Mom, Step-Dad, my step-sister has the hots for me, could you keep her locked in her room please?” I’m sure those situations would make for such great family talks.

Yet there is one thing I’m even more surprised about and that I call bullshit on. There is no freaking way Recon can be anything close to this badass. That guy is a loser in real life and he is the same in video games. He might have come up with the courage to ask Sugu out, but I just can’t even believe he managed to escape the Salamanders’s grasp anyway, because there is no way that loser killed all those officer Salamanders. There is no way either that he managed to follow Leafa and Kirito all the way there by himself. He can be strong enough to clear a hole by sacrificing himself, that I can believe, but I could not believe the guy got to the World Tree in the first place. At first I was certain that he was Kirito in disguise, trying to cheer up Sugu. I was wrong, I figured that out quickly enough, but I still couldn’t believe it was really Recon who made it this far.

There is something else that bothered me this episode. In a matter of 2 days two nations managed to get back to their main cities, buy all the raid gear needed to outfit their group, they formed two huge parties ready for combat and went straight back to the final raid. In 2 days… It took more than that for Kirito and Leafa to get there and Kirito was speed hacking the whole way. I simply call bullshit on that one. When I used to play MMOs it took 15 minutes just to get everyone ready once everyone was already on location. There is no way those bunch of noobs managed to organize themselves and get everything they needed so fast.

You thought I was done ranting? Nope. Where were the archers ! Kirito had to face an army of archers when he got into that raid the first time and this time around there was none to be seen. Why would it suddenly get so much easier? Personally, I find a thousand archers much more menacing than a thousand swordsmen. The swordsmen can’t reach you all at once anyway, but a thousand arrows are pretty hard to dodge. An army of archers would have still shut down this raid no matter if they were well geared and full of dragons.

Overall, I had a lot of trouble with this episode because of how many things did little to no sense to me. There were just too many inconsistencies for me not to notice them and not to focus on them.

ZeroGhj signing off

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