Sword Art Online II episode 24 [Final]: Them Feels

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My prayers have been answered, this final episode of Sword Art Online was amazing and gave me a warmth feeling and good memories of the show. It was a rough 24 episodes for Sword Art Online II, but I think they managed to pull it off on a high note at the end. Them Feels is really the expression that best describe the greater part of the episode for me. We all knew it was coming, it was even a bit cheesier than I expected, but it remained both tragic and beautiful to see such a young girl reach the end of her life surrounded by everyone who admired or liked her. There is no better way to die than surrounded by everyone who ever cared for you and feeling you were useful and achieved something in life. It remains sad though that a young girl barely in her teenage years has to die so young after suffering so much. This might just be an SAO cheesy story, but it is the kind of story that really do happens in this world and probably more often than we wish to admit. The only difference is, in the real world no one remember those children and they cannot live a painless death amidst everyone they impressed. Instead they simply die alone, young and suffering.

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Now, if there is one thing Sword Art Online is not good at; it is being original or unpredictable. Just about everything that happened this episode was already pre-written from the events of the previous episodes, it was already certain the majority of it would happen and it did. It made things a bit less exciting, but a conclusion don’t need to be that exciting. This one was touching instead. If I were to decide though, I’d say this last arc was the best since the original Sword Art Online arc. I am pleasantly surprised to see there was still some rich content the franchise was able to spew out. Having said that, I don’t really want a SAO III to happen. I feel there has been enough done in this universe and any new story wouldn’t bring anything more to the universe itself and would just be an excuse to reuse the characters and promote sells of merchandise. I’m fine with this episode being the last anime made of SAO (other than maybe some OVA at some points to please the hardcore fanbase).

If I were to review this season of Sword Art Online has a whole, I would say without hesitation that it was much worse than the original and the anime lost steam pretty quickly. The first arc is interesting until it’s halfway point, and from there it gets excruciatingly slow and boring, the act of the Norse gods felt like a complete filler and only the final arc was worth the watch overall. If I were to give a rating for the season out of ten, I’d say the final arc would be a solid 8.5/10 while the entirety of Sword Art Online II would be a 7/10.  Not bad, not great, just watch it if you have time to spare and have no idea what else to watch, because there is definitively better things out there. If anything start watching only at episode 18 or so for the good part and forget the rest.

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