Sword Art Online episode 25 [Final]: …And then some


This episode was a little unnecessary considering so little happened for a final episode. The first 10 minutes were the ending I was waiting for and the show could have ended with Kirito and Asuna kissing in the hospital and I would have been happy. That fight in the real world was really a deciding point in the story. For some reason I’m so used to the virtual world myself and video games that I never expected Sugou to show up at the hospital to attempts to kill Kirito there. At least I’m glad Kirito realized that the virtual world and the real world are so similar, or at the very least the people in those two worlds are quite similar.

final confrontation

Sugou was as much of a bitch and a weakling in the real world as he was in the game, he acquires all his ego and power from his position and his lies, but in the end when he was stripped of those positions he was useless and even a beggar would have looked more intimidating than him.

bitch getting own

Unfortunately for us, That final battle was only a small part of the final, the rest was quite boring and a single slide with text over a black background could have done the same job just as well in half the time. I could seriously care less that now Kirito is attending school and that his half-sister still have the hots for him.  I think Kirito and Leafa must have danced in the sky for about 5 minutes. I could barely stand to see Kirito and Asuna have their casual talk in the parc and live their little school life. I wanted epic for a final, not a boring conclusion that brings nothing to the table.


The only thing that I found interesting in the end is the explanation for the world seed and to see Aincrad become the top level of Alfheim online was really a great sight to behold. It is the perfect solution after all, to have SAO becomes the ultimate challenge once Alfheim online is completed. I’m not sure why Kirito would bother clearing the whole game once again, but I guess it must be much more relaxing when you can actually die without actually ending your real life at the same time. It is always easier to progress in a game when your progression raid doesn’t lose member as time goes by.


In the end I really wish this episode didn’t exist at all and that it’s beginning would have been made the end of last episode. I feel like it ruined the end without adding anything really valuable to it. Having said that, I would not be surprised if there was a second season of sword Art Online in a couple years, after all the light novels are far enough that a second streak of 25 episode could be produced. Even if this ending was shitty, I would watch a second season of it because overall Sword Art Online was an amazing show and I am already sold out to the concept of video game/anime.

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