Sword Art Online episode 5: Finding Death Gun

Sword Art Online II facing death

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We already knew that Kirito and Death Gun would meet, but I didn’t think that their meeting would be so early into this new season. We are only 5 episode in after all, Kirito has entered the world of GGO last episode and now he has already met both Death Gun and its next target. They sure are not messing around with the pacing of the season if things are going to escalate this quickly. I feel like we just started and now Kirito is already in a pinch with Death Gun right in front of him. It is rather evident that Death Gun is going after some of the strongest players in GGO, he already eliminated 2 of them and Sinon is the next target, but with Kirito’s notoriety it would be no surprise if he became a target too.

Sword Art Online II Kirito fighting

Another surprising outcome  was the revealed past of Death Gun, I was not expecting we would get so quickly into the backstory of our main antagonist. Yet it seems there is some great link between Kirito and Death Gun. The both of them are both survivor of SAO, but Death Gun was part of the Player Killer association Laughing Coffin. Kirito didn’t have quite the relationship with those guys. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was at the top of the black list for them.

Sword Art Online II laughing coffin

Two things are especially surprising here though: First, there actually was at least one surviving member of Laughing Coffin left. I was not expecting that this organization could have somehow survived the SAO experience, I feel like any member of Laughing Coffin who might have survived must either have been locked away in a prison cell somewhere or simply hid away near the end of the SAO years as to not get caught. Yet, if one of them were to survive, it really does make sense that they would go on killing people in the virtual world, after all, SAO was a fucked up experience which would leave any individual psychologically scarred in some ways. Now, second surprising thing is for Kirito and Death Gun to have met so early into the season. Kirito doesn’t have much leeway here to hide his identity. He can try faking that he is a girl and not the real Kirito or he can try and use his fame to his advantage, but in the end I doubt that either will work against someone as vile as the player behind the character of Death Gun. This is bound to lead to some very interesting confrontation in the very near future, forget about BoB, Kirito already found what he was looking for and it is not pretty.

Sword Art Online II death is behind you

On to a completely different subject, it is very difficult to take the fight scenes seriously when they use the exact same sound files as the light sabers from Star Wars. When Kirito waves it around I just see Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader facing one another once again. Hopefully that image will fade over time, because it just made the action scenes disturbing more than anything else.

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