Sword Art Online II episode 1 [First Impression]: A new Beginning

Sword Art Online II Gun Gale Online

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Sword Art Online, a show who everyone was looking for this summer. After the success of the first season, it really came to no surprise that Sword Art Online would make a return in the future…and we are in this future! I must say I am rather pleased with the show’s return. It might not be the best show I have ever seen, but it is a show of quality with an intelligent story, brilliant direction and interesting characters. Those qualities are one of the many reason the original SAO was such a success and it is the reasons why I think this one will be just as interesting.

Sword Art Online II SAO

This is only the introduction, or rather reintroduction, of the SAO universe and I think they made it great considering all the story and background the show already has. While this episode might have been a bit difficult for a new audience to pick up on, I think even a new viewer could potential start the story at the beginning of this episode and grasp the basics, or at least enough to move on with this new arc. As for people already fan of the show (so about 95% of the viewer base) this episode was a great way to remember some of the most important relationships between the key characters of the show. I must admit that after a couple years, I needed a refresher on what the relationship between Asuna and Kirito was, too many doujin and fan art has completely destroyed my memories of what did and didn’t happen between them.

Sword Art Online II romance

We are in for a new adventure with Kirito, Suguha, Asuna and probably a lot of new characters which will join the fray and possibly one more girl who will join Kirito’s harem. I am rather glad though that the focus was made evident in this episode between Kirito and Asuna, after all the incest of last season was getting rather intense and I feel much more comfortable with a regular, non-incestuous main romance. I’m sure that they will somehow makes this into yet another netorare incest thing somehow, but starting up with a new clean slate is always good when starting a new season.

Sword Art Online II new sniper girl

The new game the story will take place in is interesting in itself too, simply because for once Kirito might not be able to achieve the success he had in the past. He won’t have any cheats anymore, he will have to play with other professional player and abandon the real world yet again to save the world he once saved. Kirito has a huge responsibility as the one who saw the birth of the Seeds and the creation of all those new virtual worlds. I am not sure if he decided to get into this new game because he felt responsible for what happened or simply as a duty for his country in the real world, but either way he is now going to have to save yet another virtual tragedy and I am interested to see how things will turn out this time around.

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