Sword Art Online II episode 10: White Pony of Death

Sword Art Online II Horse of fun

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I was a bit disappointed by this episode of Sword Art Online II, While the first half of the show was solid, the second half just felt like a ton of useless conversation that we’ve had countless times before. About half of the episode, or more, consisted of the discussion between Kirito and Sinon and how they reacted to each others past. The problem is, we already knew most of it and other than Sinon emotional breakdown this was just a huge repeat of information. I have two major problem with the way they handled the situation, first of, As far as I’m aware both Kirito and Sinon already knew about everything they just told each other. Sinon already had a pretty good idea that Kirito killed someone in the past and she pretty had it figured out that he was a SAO survivor. Therefore other than for the details, she didn’t exactly learned anything new about Kirito here. The same goes for Kirito, he already knew that Sinon killed someone in the past, so it was normal that he had little to no reaction when Sinon broke to tears telling her story. In the end, both characters just spent half the episode telling each other stuff they already had pretty much figured out.

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Now, I can understand the importance for the both of them to actually learn about the whole story and how it might increase their bond and the way they work together, but it leads me to my second problem…WE (the audience) didn’t have to see that story yet once more. So far in 10 episodes I think we were shown Sinon and Kirito’s past murders about a dozen time if we are to combine them. Even if the two characters needed that discussion, we sure didn’t, they could have just skipped it entirely and have us just be aware that the conversation took place instead of showing us everything. At this point it simply feels like Sword Art Online II is purposefully dragging things on.

I am starting to get an uneasy feeling that this season of Sword Art Online II is spread out and has a lot of repetition and filler simply because they decided to have only a single arc in the spread of 25 episodes. The first season of Sword Art Online contained both SAO and Alfheim Online in 25 episodes, now at this rate GGO will be the only subject and they will just keep a really slow pace to make it work. I feel like this is just a dilution of the content and just make for a worse season overall. Not saying that the show is bad, but simply that it could have been much better with a faster pace.

Sword Art Online II riding along

Enough about the complaining, I want to talk about the one thing I loved and made me laugh this episode, and it was the horse of Death Gun. I don’t know if it was the intention, but that horse made me laugh so much. It was so silly to see the main antagonist, one who kills people and terrorize Kirito, ride on the back of a mechanized white pony. That horse looked like a Unicorn of friendship and really didn’t have any bad aura around it. I felt like a little girl who loves life and act like a princess should be the one riding that horse. So seeing a robotic man with a black cape, wielding a death gun and chasing after Kirito on this white equine of straight out of a carousel was incredibly funny.  So in the future I demand more silly horse and less repetition, I still have hope for this season of SAO to turn out quite good.

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