Sword Art Online II episode 11: Kirito, Worst Detective Around

Sword Art Online II fucking in a cave

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 A rather weird episode of Sword Art Online this week, it has already been two weeks since anything meaningful happened, this week there were some development where Kirito somehow found a way for the murder to happen, but even those revelation did not surprise me in the right way. I really want to start this discussion on the silly reveal of “how” the murdering happens.

I understand the Sword Art Online was never meant to be the most intelligent of shows, but it becomes rather silly when your main antagonist kills people in unnecessarily complicated ways. It just feels rather stupid when the bad guy of the show has so many flaws in his plan that he would get caught by any half decent investigation method. If it is true there is two people acting as Death Gun, one in the game, one in the real world, it means that those two guys are really not that bright. I understand they are probably trying to send some kind of message, trying to bring the fear of the SAO days back to the world of VRMMO, I’m sure they have their reason for making a huge publicity of their exploit. Yet at the end of the day, they are making such a racket that random people are figuring out their gigs. Kirito has very little information about Death Gun, he doesn’t even know the guys name. He just randomly guessed that there were two of them because it made sense to him and he disregarded every other possible option. The worst part is, because this is SAO, anything Kirito figure out will always be the real and only truth. So now we know without doubt that There are two Death Gun.

Sword Art Online II hide yo kid hide yo wife

So now what? The two Death Gun can be stopped the traditional SAO style way of course, they can fight them off, remember their name and move in from there. But if Kirito actually cared just one bit to do the intelligent thing, he would ask Sinon to hide as long as possible, get her address and then proceed to disconnect and send the police to her house to capture the Death Gun in the real world. It would take only a few minutes and the mystery would be solved. At that point the one who was caught could easily rat out his partner. Even if the one Death Gun in game was not captured, he wouldn’t be a threat anymore and there would simply be no need to pursue him any further. Win-Win no matter the outcome. But of course, the show will instead go all gun blazing risk the life of Sinon and make sure that there is as little chance of success as possible.

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If that sudden twist was not bad enough, the other half of the episode was a whole bunch of useless whining by Kirito’s friends. If you think Sword Art Online was not cheesy enough as it is, this episode was even worse. With every one of Kirito’s friends describing him as a super human and essentially sucking his dick when he’s not around, I have seen funerals which were not as overboard with compliment than this episode. You really need to put a limit on praise before things just go overboard and every word and feeling is lost.

Overall, really not such a great episode of Sword Art Online, the show will really need something important to come up and move the story along, because as it is, the show is slowing down in very dangerous ways. Time to reverse steam now.

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2 Responses to Sword Art Online II episode 11: Kirito, Worst Detective Around

  1. Alfred Nobled says:

    I would like to tell you..don’t count your chickens before they are hatched
    The story isn’t over and a few surprises are coming soon
    Not telling anymore because *SPOILER* even Kirito can be wrong

    • Zeroghj says:

      That sound interesting, thank you for giving me more hope in the show. Things are just so slow in the show lately I found it difficult to remain hopeful, but I’ll take your word for it that this season of SAO still has more to offer and I’ll look forward to it.

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