Sword Art Online II episode 12: Repetition is boring, Repetition is boring, Repetition is boring, Repetition is boring, Repetition is boring, Repetition is boring, Repetition is boring, Repetition is boring, Repetition is boring, Repetition is boring

Sword Art Online II sinon

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Oh SAO, I used to have such high expectations for you, now it seems I was overestimating what you had in store because I just feel like every episode is disappointing me. It is not like the show is terrible; the soundtrack is great, the animation is fluid and the action is really epic, but I still find myself bored out of my mind for the majority of the episodes. The show is slow, but most of all it is painfully repetitive. There is very little development each episode, I am not usually the guy who say things like these but, there is too much talking about things I don’t care about.

Sword Art Online II kirito looking into the distance

Since episode 2 we have been told the same stories, the same way, it is always the same emotions, the same problems, the same characters, everything never seen to evolve. Do you know how many episodes Sinon whined about her killing someone and how she can’t touch a gun? I’m willing to bet it is at least 11 out of the 12 episodes. I found it really cool at first, I thought it was an interesting struggle that could bring forth great elements in the story, but now it just sound like my aunt complaining about her back problem. WE GET IT, please move forward to something new? This second season of Sword Art Online sound like a broken record, it is constant flashback about the laughing coffin raid for Kirito and then Sinon being scared of a trigger. Please let us move on to something else?

Sword Art Online II combat

I don’t know if the voice actor are doing a poor job, if the dialogue is simply poor or I’m just sick of the show overall, but at this point every piece of dialogue is starting to sound like “blablablabla” in my head. Hell, even reading the subtitles I think that’s all I see, there could be troll subs and I might not even notice so much I lose interest at different part of the episode. It has gotten so bad that if something truly interesting was to occur it might take me a while to get back into the story and the epic of the show, I’ve taken such distance from the show and take everything with such a bored attitude that unless there is a major change towards more content and action, this whole season will probably pass right over my head.

Sword Art Online II old laughing coffin member

It has become kind of frustrating, there is so much repetition in Sword Art Online that it makes me repeat myself a thousand times in these review, I have nothing else to talk about than constantly repeat how repetition is boring…the irony. At least this episode we were graced with a bit of fighting, the sword fight between Kirito and Death Gun could be interesting, I have a feeling that Kirito might not win this one for once. Could lead to interesting situations for sure…hopefully.

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