Sword Art Online II episode 13: Psychotic Antisocial Friend

Sword Art Online II crazy for you

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I am slowly, way too slowly for my own good, realizing that I don’t like Sword Art Online anymore. We finally had some development in our story, we finally got to move forward, have our action and start focusing on something else than Kirito or Sinon’s fear…but I still didn’t find this episode good in any way. “That was lame” those are the three words that came out of my mouth once the episode was over. Despite seeing the story progress, despite the action, despite the character development, I just didn’t enjoy this episode. If things are going to continue that route I will be hard pressed to keep on blogging this thing.

Sword Art Online II imma rape you

We finally got the long awaited battle between Kirito and Death Gun, a.k.a Red Eyed XaXa, but the battle was really slow and I really couldn’t bring myself to find it epic or enjoyable to watch. I actually wish Kirito had lost there, it would have made for something unexpected. Instead we just had the two of them exchange sword hit and dance around in slow motion has we listened to Kirito’s inner monologue. It was nice for him to finally remember the name of Death Gun, but at the same time, everything is so straight forward in this show it just bores me to death. In the end everything Kirito seem to have guessed was true, there really are lame helpers helping Red Eyed XaXa to make the kills, they really do enter the home of those they kill and simply wait for a stream of their death, it is just one big boring show of fear.

Sword Art Online II red eyed xaxa

The one thing I was not expecting to this extend was how psychotic Shinkawa really was. It was kind of already obvious that the guy had some confidence issues and really wanted to go out with Sinon, his jealousy was also showing a lot once Kirito became involved, it was just not obvious yet that he was straight up a psycho. He is not just an antisocial loser who can’t handle love, he is a psychotic antisocial loser who can’t handle love. Having said  that, I am actually really confused after seeing him act, not because I cannot understand how someone can be this crazy, but rather because I don’t understand how the guy had about 15 minutes alone with Sinon and spent half that time screaming her name and NOT raping her. I mean, between being raped or dying, I would definitively let myself be raped. Sinon might have been fighting back, but at the end Shinkawa had a definite advantage over her, yet instead of starting to rape her he was just losing his shit and drooling on her while screaming her name.

Sword Art Online II pushy friend

Overall I am definitively still losing hope in this show, it started great, but this second season of Sword Art Online is starting to be simply painful to watch at this point. The show aim at the lowest common denominator and right now that seems to be a 12 year old, mentally challenged, kid. Everything is too straight forward and everything takes too long, so we know of the story ages before it happens and it ruins everything. Only silver lining to it all is knowing that this arc is finally coming to an end, hopefully the next arc is actually worth the watch.

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