Sword Art Online II episode 14: A Reunion filled with Gratitude

Sword Art Online II acceptance

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We finally reached the conclusion for the first act of this second season of Sword Art Online. I must say that while I had a small, read big, annoyance at the beginning of the episode, overall I really liked this episode. It was a bit disconcerting to have such a good and touching episode after so many damn episode of nothing and prolonged boringness.  Seeing this episode of Sword Art Online just reminded how I wish this arc would have been done in 6 episodes instead of 14. I feel there was way too little content for the number of episode here. This arc might have been important, but it just had a terrible pacing that killed everything. The dramatic resolution this episode was really well done, but because we were shoved Sinon’s problem in our throat over and over again, I still had this stingy feeling when I was once again faced with her dilemmas, despite how cool and appropriate the character development was this episode.

Sword Art Online II cool guy kirito

Before I continue on everything I liked this episode, I seriously have to talk about the bullshit that happened at the beginning of the episode. I understand that Sword Art Online is a cheesy anime and I really shouldn’t expect anything else but corny situations,  but the way Kirito survived that Syringe was just too much for me to accept. First of all, I understand that Sword Art Online is in the future and technologies have evolved, but how does a syringe without needle pierce through a leather jacket? Now, there might be some explanation for this one, but if something pierced through the leather jacket, then pierced through Kirito’s shirt and somehow it was unable to go through a small electrode? How did that little piece of plastic somehow protect him in any way? And even if it is somehow not plastic, what kind of material could it be that it is in someone’s chest and it is more resistant than leather?

Sword Art Online II Syringe attack

You know what the worse part is, even with all this rambling, it just doesn’t explain how stupid it is that Kirito was injected EXACTLY where he had THAT ONE ELECTRODE, it is made even worse that the electrode was THE SAME SIZE AND SHAPE as the syringe and somehow he was stung RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. the combination of everything just make this scene to be a whole lot of bullshit that is extremely difficult to accept.

Sword Art Online II saved

If I were to forget that scene, the rest of the episode was really well done. To finally see Sinon slowly come to term with her past, see her character development has she slowly realize how strong she really is and the way she discover the good she did…I cannot lie I was impressed. I had very low expectation for the end of this arc, but somehow the end was just as stellar as the beginning. I was really happy and near tears when Sinon was receiving her thanks from that lady and her child. It was heartwarming to witness the appreciation and gratitude of that women towards Sinon. We could even perceive the guilt that she was feeling for not thanking her earlier, it was a very well done scene, a really good finale for a crappy arc.

Sword Art Online II gun wielder

I’m really hoping, fingers crossed, that the next arc will have a better pacing. I want to remember of Sword Art Online fondly, I don’t want this sequel to ruin everything for me and make me hate this franchise. Hopefully we get something good, because with the fall season bringing shows like Log Horizon and Fate/Stay Night, Sword Art Online has quite the competition around it.

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