Sword Art Online II episode 15: Excalibur

Sword Art Online II Excalibur

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  We are beginning a new arc of Sword Art Online and so far it looks different from what we were presented in the last few ones. I think it is the first time we get a new story where no damsel is in distress as the story begins. I mean, we do have an AI princess who wishes to save her people, but as far as we are aware she is simply an artificial intelligent and not a real person. No one is going to be raped or killed if Kirito doesn’t act (except maybe some NPC). I have quite the feeling that for some reason some humans corrupting the game will come into play at some point, but at the very least for the moment, this arc looks a lot like a traditional epic quest from an MMORPG. It makes it fresh and new from an anime that has quite a reputation for involving real life murder and the like.

Sword Art Online II giant fair maiden

We really didn’t get much real information and depth into the current arc. We know Kirito wants to get Excalibur, we know he can get there because of his flying elephant jellyfish friend, we know he has his quest given by an AI instead of a standard NPC. Everything else we don’t know about though. If this wasn’t SAO, I would say there is even no guarantee that his quest is more legitimate than the quest everyone else is doing. But this is SAO, so of course Kirito will be the one doing the right thing and straight into the magical and perfect place for him to prove his heroic deeds. And because it is SAO, I even have the feeling that somewhere along the line, we will learn that this was all orchestrated by an evil person trying to subdue the online world to bring them power.

Sword Art Online II chased by tyrant

Story aside, how the hell does Kirito plan on defeating a new powerful dungeon with a bunch of under-leveled players and casual players? As far as I can tell, there are about only 4 out of the 7 in their group that are geared up and experienced with the game on a hardcore level. I would never even dare to go into such an adventure with people who don’t have enough experience. I understand that Kirito is an all powerful god capable of succeeding at everything he puts his mind at, but there still are limit to what someone should be able to accomplish all alone in a game. If I were to see a new raid opportunity like this one where there is possibly a unique weapon, I would get the best of the best to go with me, not just my close friends. As an avid MMO player, I find that Kirito’s logic in playing VRMMO is rather flawed and I’m surprised he is still relevant in this world. Now I just want to see him wipe on the first floor and ask for help from more competent teammates. That would make my day.

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