Sword Art Online II episode 17: This was pointless and lame

Sword Art Online II raid over

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Why did they even bother making a second season of Sword Art Online if they didn’t have anything to show for it. The first 14 episodes were an overextended arc that should have been much faster and now we had a short 3 episodes arc about clearing a special dungeon? I understand this show makes lot of money in merchandising and the like, but so far this second season really falls short from the first one. If the general populace was already disappointed in SAO after the second half of the first season, everyone will come to straight up avoiding it from now on from the kind of content that has been put out lately. While there was nothing particularly wrong with this mini arc, it felt really empty and pointless, in a show that started with such a strong first season and was known for being epic, it now feels like there is no thrill and excitement, the major story is over and now we are just given content to keep the anime relevant.

Sword Art Online II king dude

This arc was only 3 episodes, while I am happy they didn’t drag it on forever like they did for the first 14 episodes in GGO, I now wonder why they bothered showing us something like this at all. If there was anything important in this arc that needed to be explained for continuity purpose, they could have just shown it to us in a small flashback. At the end of the day we just saw fake people (anime characters) play a video game to save a fake world (Alfheim) and obtain virtual items. Obtaining Excalibur would have probably been a huge achievement were it done back in the Sword Art Online arc, but now Kirito and the others are just playing for fun, they are freed from the grasp of SAO, we don’t see an epic journey for survival anymore, this is just playing a game for the sake of the game. I’ve obtained a legendary back in my days as an MMO player, I didn’t make a movie out of it. There is just no risk anymore, it takes all the epic and the thrill away, now SAO has become a show were regular people play video game normally. It might have been an epic raid, but it remains absolutely pointless in the grand scheme of things.

Sword Art Online II thor with mjolnir

Now what is next? This arc was 3 episodes long, we have only 7 episodes left to begin and end something new. I must say, with the current track record, I have only terrible expectation of what we will be shoved next. This whole 24 episode second season of SAO should have been only OVA’s, or maybe even a movie. SAO isn’t what it used to be, I have a lot of trouble respecting and appreciating the show now. Compared to all the great things airing this season, this is lame and a waste of time.

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