Sword Art Online II episode 18: Lackluster

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As expected, we are entering a new little arc for SAO involving the “Zekken” players. So far, the previous mini-arc had no purpose what so ever, we didn’t get a single mention of Excalibur and there is no mention of anything that happened in the underworld. I do believe we are once again going into a completely irrelevant story just to please the fan. So far what this season of Sword Art Online told me is this: the publishers are sick of selling all that merchandise and they are doing their damn best to kill off all the hype surrounding the franchise. There is such a thing as releasing too much when there is too little content. Remember why Bleach died as an anime? Too many fillers, too much unrelated content that eventually dwindle down the hype around the universe. I feel SAO is currently pursuing a similar fate if nothing is done.

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There is nothing inherently wrong with the stories we are told, they are fun, they most likely pleases the fan base since every characters shows up and interact with one another, but this is the kind of story that are presented as either fillers or side animation project, not as a new, second season. You don’t release a new 24 episode season for a highly popular show, claiming a new arc, and then fill that season with fillers because there was not enough content. I will repeat what I said last episode, but this should have been simply an OVA or something, give little extras here and there to keep your franchise relevant until there is enough new content to make something new.

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If this keep up I might not even bother finishing this season of SAO, I already feel cheated enough, I was thinking we were going into a new interesting adventure, a new cool arc, so far my delusion of what this second season was going to be about has vanished and left me with nothing but regret and bitterness for what is to come. There is nothing inherently wrong with things on an episode basis, but I feel cheated. I feel I am given a cheap excuse of a story when I expected something epic. There are worse shows out there, but I never had any expectation for them to be good in the first place. SAO has become synonym with disappointment in my mind, and when it comes to this new definition of mine, it might possibly be the only thing this season hasn’t disappointed me, it still proves to be lackluster.

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