Sword Art Online II episode 19: Having a Shitty Mother Sucks

Sword Art Online II mother is disappointed

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Well, there are about only two things which happened this episode, so let’s talk in great detail about Asuna’s shitty mother and about Zekken and her new quest to save her and the other people in her position.

Let’s talk about Asuna’s shitty mother first, if there is one thing young teenage girl love to talk about, it is definitively how much their parents suck and how their miserable life is so sad and how much attention they need since no one can understand them. Asuna’s mother certainly doesn’t seem to be the most understanding or psychologically healthy mother, but she doesn’t seem to be a monster either. She is strict, she has good motives coming from bad intentions, but she seems to love her daughter quite a bit, in her own twisted logic, she is doing all this so her daughter can have a happier life. It is pretty obvious that she is in fact simply pushing her daughter to become what she struggled to be when she was young. Yet another of thousands of mother who use their daughter to become what they failed to accomplish in their own lives.

Sword Art Online II sad asuna

Yet, Asuna ain’t any better in the current situation. She seems really unhappy of the way her mother acts towards her, she seems distressed by the lack of freedom and and respect that her mother is showing her. Despite the situation though, she keeps on bowing to her mother’s will and refuse to fight her decision. I’m not that familiar with Japanese’s law, but I know that over here she would be old enough to leave her family and just go away to live with Kirito. the girl is old enough to make her own decisions, is she disagree with the way her mother wants her to live her life, she can step up and act accordingly. Like she says herself, she just isn’t the warrior from her time in SAO, now she is but a sad empty little girl that cannot even step up to herself. She is just as much to blame for her situation than her own mother is.

Sword Art Online II Zekken and Asuna

Enough with the emo scene girl talk, time to go a bit more into the MMO world and discuss what is going on with Zekken and Asuna. While there isn’t that much information available as to what exactly is going on, with the hints of Kirito and what happened after the fight between Zekken and Asuna, it seems obvious to me that Zekken is either not human, or not “living” anymore. I have a feeling Zekken either is a computer program created by the system, just like Yui is, or she might be some player of VRMMO who either lost her life in SAO or got stuck in the system somehow. I would tend to believe more the second option here though. I think Zekken is one of many player stuck in the VRMMO world and trying to find a way out, looking for a powerful fighter to save them from their eternal prison somehow. What it exactly mean, we will probably find out next episode.

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