Sword Art Online II episode 2: Gun Gale Online

Sword Art Online II minigun madness

This episode of Sword Art Online felt like one huge introduction of the new game, Gun Gale Online MMO. Most of the episode revolved around Sinon and the game itself, she will most obviously become a central part of this arc. I want to talk about the game of Gun Gale Online, the philosophy of Sinon about video game and finally talk a bit about Kirito.

Sword Art Online II player killer

First of All, it seems that contrary to what the original episode was hinting at, Gun Gale Online has both a pve and pvp segment to the game, meaning that a player can either go into competitive team killing matches or go into dungeons and loot monsters for rewards. This makes the game already a bit more interesting and viable as a universe than the first episode tried to suggest. By having a Player Vs Environment (pve) setup the game makes it possible for more kind of player to be together in the universe and also, for the anime, to show us some interesting monster the characters will have to shoot down. The biggest problem from an anime stand point of having a game based around gun is definitively the action sequences. It is much easier to make epic magic and sword fights than a great extended gun fight. It seems rather likely though that Kirito will be bringing his sword along in his adventure when he does join GGO.

Sword Art Online II sinon

The other central piece of the episode was Sinon, a young girl who seem like a shy little nerd in real life but is one of the biggest badass in GGO. I think this can lead to some very interesting character development in the future, but at the same time I am unsure if I really want yet another female character to increase the size of Kirito’s harem. I really want for Asuna to stay the main love interest here. Love and real life aside, I found it very interesting how Sinon approached the virtual world. She straight up called her teammate a pussy when he tried to abandon and run away in a virtual encounter. I can perfectly understand why too, so many people play video game and are afraid to take risks or move forward just like in real life, it is somehow really frustrating. Video Games are a way to escape the restriction of the real world and for you to take risk and explore as a person what you want to be in a world which is much less restrictive. It helps you grow and try new things, it is not a place to be a coward and runaway. This episode already gave me a lot of respect for Sinon, a character we still know so little about.

Sword Art Online II little girl

Let’s finish this up by talking a bit about Kirito. Last episode it seemed rather clear that he felt a certain sense of duty towards Kayaba Akihiko and his creation, Kirito feels responsible for the continuation of the virtual reality worlds and therefore he wants to prevent any kind of exploit which threaten the life of the gamers. It seems pretty evident that he wants to actually go in GGO and figure things out for himself what is going on with Death Gun, but I was not expecting that he would actually reveal that information to Asuna. I am not rather curious to see if Asuna and Leafa will join him in his quest or if he will go at it alone. I think we will find out soon enough though, we cannot continue this story much longer before Kirito joins the fray after all.

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