Sword Art Online II episode 21: Defeating the Boss and Doubts about the Future

Sword Art Online II boss hurt

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Well, what a surprise, the arc is not actually over. It seems we will have at least one more episode around Yuuki and Asuna. Maybe we will finally get the truth about who they are, maybe it will even be interesting enough that I will somehow be surprised. I don’t even dare hold my hopes up, Sword Art Online isn’t really the anime with the most interesting twists after all.

Sword Art Online II Yuuki and Asuna

It looks pretty obvious already that Yuuki won’t have much more time to exist, no matter what kind of existence she lives. Is she simply a girl in a coma that lives through games? She is about to log out, so she must at least be human in some way. She keeps referring to Asuna has her older sister, I know some kid like to use that as a cute way to refer to other people they respect, but in this case, it is overly obvious that Yuuki and Asuna are weirdly related in some ways. What is their relationship exactly though? I both have no idea and only half care. I was an SAO-lover during its first season, but this season just killed my enthusiasm and I only see things from a negative point of view anymore.

Sword Art Online II sad party

In other news, Kirito finally showed Excalibur for once since having obtained it, yet once again, we don’t get to see it in action for even a second. We know Kirito has it on its back, we know shit is about to go down, but we didn’t actually get to see anything happening from there. What was the point of obtaining that sword if you are never going to let us see it used? There are only 3 episodes left and you can be sure the next one will be all about emotional stuff and reveal of what is going on, not fighting. Will we even see that sword in action before they cancel the show for sucking too much and running out of story to tell? I certainly have my doubts.

Sword Art Online II Kirito saving the day

Considering that next episode seems to be the final for the current arc, it would mean that episode 23 and 24 will be independent from everything else. I wonder what kind of story they want to conclude with to close up such an awful season. Will they try and close everything up and give a decent full conclusion to the universe? Or will they go the cheap route and the last 2 episodes will be fanservice beach episode where everyone is in bikini and shirtless? As much as I wish for them to conclude this well, to at least give us a good memory of what Sword Art Online was, I fear it will go into fanservice territory instead. I’m already ready for the disappointment, so I certainly won’t take it as a shock when it does happen.

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