Sword Art Online II episode 22: Terminal Relationship

Sword Art Online II Yuuki

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well, what did I expect of SAO really. All the reveals…everything that could have been guessed from episode 1 of this arc. I was really curious what this nee-san thing was all about, I thought maybe there was more to this than what we found out this episode. I thought maybe we would get Yuuki to actually be related to Asuna in someway and it would bring her to have strong evidence about her mother’s past and maybe help her understand her mother better and/or maybe herself. At the end of the day, it was none of that, simply a casual mistake since Yuuki’s sister died some times earlier. I understand some people would find the fact touching, I must admit I wasn’t really moved away by the situation.

Sword Art Online II super machine

I’ve never been one to care about death, even less so in anime, therefore I can’t say this episode was especially touching. It was, however, extremely interesting! Interesting in many different ways too, I love to be able to see the medical application of a technology based on the Nervegear, it was a brilliant redesign of an existing technology to more practical use. Furthermore, I like how Kirito’s work will now slowly begin fading in with this technology and have some medical implementations. Kirito might very well get a job and funding out of this.

Sword Art Online II working on stuff

This might all sound silly, but every problem of this arc could easily be resolved here. Asuna wants to spend more time with Yuuki, Yuuki wants to go to school, the doctors wants better tools and technology for their “dream machine”, Kirito wants to start working on virtual reality and bring Yui to this world and finally Asuna wants to marry Kirito and not some random rich guy she barely knows. If Asuna and Yuuki make use of the current prototype Kirito is working on, Yuuki will be able to experience a day at school, Asuna will be able to spend those days with her while Kirito has yet another test subject for the development of his invention. If this was not enough, seeing Kirito’s project working might create interest in the doctors responsible for this new form of treatment. This could have them vouch for Kirito to develop prototype for it, this means funding for Kirito to finalize his project, maybe he will even be given a team. From there, Kirito might get enough money and renown that Asuna will be able to win her dispjte of being with him with arguments her mother can understand. Everything is solved perfectly for this cheesy show and it would fit as an ending.

Sword Art Online II doctor

I’m actually surprised the arc wasn’t over with this episode. It seems it will be the final arc for this season of Sword Art Online II, we will get our little adventure with Yuuki, every dream will become a reality and everyone will be crying as Yuuki eventually dies of her infection. It is a dramatic cheesy ending that really fits SAO. I still think this season of SAO was pretty empty and could have been better, but I must admit this arc remains so far the best we’ve had between the 3 we were shown, so I’ll take it.

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