Sword Art Online II episode 23: Exploring the Other World

Sword Art Online II me and my soon to be dead friend

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We are nearing the final of this second season of Sword Art Online and while I can definitively say it was not my favourite, those last couple episodes did improve my view of it considerably. I feel there was some emotions, some content, some deeper morale. It was not my kind of story, but it had merit. I felt a lot more interested in Asuna’s mother reaction to the virtual world than Yuuki’s reaction to the real one. Because this was really what this episode was about after all, seeing two different person experiencing a different world than the one they live in. Let us start with Yuuki’s discovery of the real world.

Sword Art Online II center of attention

Asuna definitively cared a lot about Yuuki to agree carrying her around for an entire day on her shoulder. It looked incredibly awkward to have an army of teenagers flocking around you like that. Plus, you have to assume blame on any misconduct she might do. If she starts disturbing in class or making trouble in any way, you are the one who will have to deal with the consequences regardless. Most importantly though, I hope she has some kind of mechanism to turn that thing off when she wants to go to the bathroom. It is a rather invasive technology after all, it is one thing to bring your dying friend to school, it is another experience to have to share a bathroom stall with someone you barely know. It was obviously nice and all to allow Yuuki the chance to walk in the real world once again, but I can’t say I was particularly caring for it.

Sword Art Online II offer for a new world

What did reach me though is Asuna confrontation with her mother. I found it so hard to watch that girl walk around following her mother’s order without ever arguing or communicating her feeling to her. If your mother is giving you trouble, you shouldn’t scream at her, you shouldn’t try and bargain, you shouldn’t disobey or talk on her back. Just talk to her, let her know who you are, understand who she is and why she wants you to be some way or another. Through mutual understanding it is always possible to find an alternative that can bridge the personality of two individuals. Mother-Daughter relationship aside, I found it really nice to see her mom join the virtual world and finally experience what her daughter had been through all this time. Understand how real and powerful a virtual world can be and how it can come to matter for a lot of people. It was interesting to see her reaction when she was unable to hold her tears, when once the weight of the world was no more on her shoulder she could finally be human once again.

Sword Art Online II crying

A young child who is going to die too young and wants to experience the world once more before going away and a business women who lost touch with her humanity who discover it again in a virtual world, these were the parallel of the episode and I must say I found it rather clever. With only a single episode of SAO left, I have a feeling next episode might try and give a final conclusion to the universe and give a good conclusion for all this. I expect everyone of Kirito’s harem to show up and maybe even see Yuuki’s last few days, hopefully it will be a good conclusion, as full of vinegar I am regarding this season of SAO, I still wish for things to end on a good note.

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