Sword Art Online II episode 4: Old Habit die hard

Sword Art Online II old habit die hard

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Finally, the intense teasing is over, we finally get to see Kirito enter the world of Gun Gale Online and explore the world. We’ve been waiting for this for 4 episodes now, so it was really exciting to see Kirito go in and wreck the game with his skills. We had so little happen so far, yet it was already so fun and impressive, we already knew that Kirito was way too talented and strong for any world he might join, but it still is just as fun to see him blow everything away as always.

Sword Art Online II Kirito being bad ass

First of, we have to talk about Kirito’s new appearance. I’m not certain how character creation works in the VRMMO world, but it seems to be rather random. I am curious to learn the reason why they would attribute Kirito with the body of a trap. I understand he acts rather effeminate at time, but both physically and mentally he doesn’t really act like a girl one bit. The guy is a badass through and through when it comes to it. It remains a very interesting experience to have him be seen as a girl by the community though. It will give a different perspective of an online video game to this arc. After all, the online experience must be really different for a girl than a guy. Girls are constantly bombarded by sexist stereotype and desperate virgin keeps on throwing themselves at them constantly.  We’ve seen Kirito be bombarded by spells, arrow and fighters, he had to live alone as a beater and fight for his survival. Yet in all those years we never saw him fight off horny nerds off his ass. Such an interesting new plot we have here!

Sword Art Online II sexism

Jokes aside, I’m rather curious to know if all the VRMMO seed prevent people from choosing a character from the opposite sex. From the way Kirito reacted it seemed as though it was a physical impossibility for him to suddenly be a girl. Is there really a system which make the sex fix to your own?  Is this just set into place to avoid guys acting like girls or is it because of the high fidelity of the virtual reality and the “complication” of having people embodied with the opposite sex? I could understand the reminiscence of parent to have their teenager play a virtual reality in which they have perfect control over the body of the opposite sex, but I’m willing to bet that the VRMMO industry would make millions of dollar if something like that was allowed. Every geek pervert on the planet would want to be in body of a girl, even if just virtually !

Sword Art Online II girly kirito

Back on track with the story. Once again Kirito proves just how awesome he is at video game, stats and cheating aside. He understood the intention and mechanic of a game he just joined and despite not knowing a thing about weapons and guns, he still seem to understand enough to beat just about anyone in the BoB competition. It is rather sad how OP the guy is, people have been in competition in this game for years and Kirito will just show up and beat everyone after just starting the game a day or two ago. Goes to show that even in an RPG, experience trumps all.

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