Sword Art Online II episode 7: Seeing the one you love slowly going away

Sword Art Online II slowly losing her

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A rather slow episode we had this time around. It was an important episode to help us understand other part of Sinon’s personality and her relationship with Shinkawa, a.k.a Spiegel, yet , I found this episode a bit too slow for my liking. It certainly didn’t ruin the show for me, but since we only get 20 odd minutes each week, I really wish there would have been more development this episode. Everything we saw was just one huge setup for the incoming action of the BoB tournament. Things are going to progress really quickly next couple of episodes, so it feels a bit weird to have those sudden stop and go in the action. The pacing of the show can be a bit frustrating when watching it every week, since we just went from action to psychological development in very extreme ways. I sometimes wish the two where a bit more mixed together instead of having one very fast episode followed by a slow one.

Sword Art Online II supportive sister

Despite all this complaining, I still liked the episode and just wished there was more about it. It doesn’t help that a good portion of the struggle this week was with Kirito and the way he perceived himself after killing people. I was very interested in the mental struggle he was about to go through last episode, but it was done in such a quick and cheesy way this episode that it really turned me off. Who just start talking about their very depressing issues and the way you killed someone to a nurse? In my list of people I would confide this to, a Nurse who I have no real connection to definitively wouldn’t be anywhere near the top of my list. I would have talked to it with my girlfriend, step-sister or any of my friends way before talking about it to a complete stranger. I really have trouble here to grasp why all the internal struggles of Kirito would be half-solved so quickly and to a complete stranger like that.

Sword Art Online II nurse counceller

In contrast to Kirito’s struggle, I was really pleased with the development of the personal relationship between Shino and Shinkawa. We already knew the two were close in real life and good friends and it always seemed really likely that Shinkawa was trying to get into Shino’s pants, we just didn’t knew what their actual relationship was. It was interesting to see that Shinkawa’s interest in Shino is already known by the two party, what was even more interesting was Shinkawa’s fear that the one he loves might be starting to drift away. Shinkawa has been helping Shino with her fear for ages now. He was always near her and supportive, he was the one to help her slowly get out of her trauma. He has feeling for her and he hopes she can get better so they can be together, he is sacrificing his time and investing it in the poor girl’s mental health. Now he saw Kirito who just arrived out of nowhere and things are really quickly turning into a really creepy NTR scenario for him. He isn’t dumb, he is seeing the way Shino is reacting to Kirito, he understand that the girl he has worked with for so long and put so much effort into fixing might be stolen by someone else really soon. I perfectly understand why Shinkawa might be starting to freak out, and with his low confidence, I wouldn’t be surprised if he started doing very bad things to keep control of the situation. Things will be interesting for sure.

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So with all this character development this episode, I cannot think anything else but…I want to see that BoB Tournament now ! Give me some light saber action ! Go, Go Kirito!

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