Sword Art Online II episode 8: Third Annual Tournament

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What a disappointing reveal for Shinon, she was able to guess that Kirito came from SAO, she still doesn’t know who he was exactly, but she already knows a lot and since she is the one to have figured it out there was no shock or sudden realization. I had hope it would have been a more badass reveal, but instead it went rather unnoticed, it was unfortunate.

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I found this episode a bit slow even if BoB finally started. I was expecting for things to move at a quicker pace in the tournament, maybe to see many kills and the like. While we did see a very impressive acrobatic champion and some kills here and there, overall the episode was yet again just a lot of setup and not that much action.

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In term of the story though, I feel like things are going much faster than I thought they would. As far as I know, the entire arc is centered around Death Gun and I feel we get to see him a lot considering we are just a third of the way into the season. Kirito might very well confront him in this very BoB tournament and we are just about to witness Death Gun demonstrating killing someone. Is there really that much more to learn about the Death Gun situation? Once Kirito determines that indeed Death Gun can kill someone from inside the game, does he really need a lot more information about the guy? He is working with the Japanese government, surely they would have resources available if they received proof of murder happening. Will Kirito really have to somehow get all the information possible about that guy on his own? If it is the case, how does he even plan to do that in the first place?

Sword Art Online II Death Gun

Meanwhile I’m rather curious to learn how Death Gun even operates. Does he uses only clever mechanic of the game or is the guy simply a hacker of some sort? In this episode he seemed to have simply appeared out of thin air when it came the time to execute his target. Did he hide in the water or is he simply teleporting to target locations? As far as I know we’ve nearly never seen Death Gun actively do anything. We just saw him breathe heavily or slowly walk away. We have still so little information about the guy and yet he shows up in our face every episode it seems.

Sword Art Online II pinned down

In the middle of all this we have Sinon who wishes to become the very best like no on ever was, yet Kirito is able to sneak up on her so badly that she is pinned down against a sword user. Look, if you are a sniper and someone with a sword gets that close to you, you are fucked. Kirito just demonstrate times and times again how much better he is than her, but she doesn’t seem to understand. If Sinon wins this competition, it will be out of pity from Kirito. Now if only we could get to the end of this competition in less than 5 episodes, that would be wonderful.

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