Sword Art Online II episode 9: HAX!

Sword Art Online II death gun

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This is the episode of Sword Art Online I was looking forward to! The last two episodes had a lot of character and story development, but they were rather deprived of action. I really wanted to see Kirito in combat again, to see him delve into this story and find a personal reason to fight and get angry. I wanted to see Kirito being the awesome badass that he is and we got to see part of it this episode. More than Kirito’s amazing skills, what pleased me most this episode was seeing Sinon dumbfounded face when she saw him in action. It is always so much more satisfying to see someone else reaction to a badass than simply witnessing it yourself.

Sword Art Online II protecting her

Now into the episode, I am both surprised and excited to see that Asuna and friends were watching the tournament and the ex-SAO members actually recognized Death Gun as a Laughing Coffin member. It will make the interaction with everyone much more dynamic now that everyone is slowly becoming aware of what is going on.  Obviously I doubt Asuna is aware that Kirito’s life is in danger just yet, but she still has some serious concerns and she will try and contact a minister to get information. I’m eager to know how she will react once she learns that her beloved Kirito is in mortal danger. Will she join GGO or just plead Kirito to leave GGO alone and come back to Alfheim Online. I wonder what kind of girlfriend she is and how much she believes in Kirito.

Sword Art Online II Asuna and friends

Speaking of girlfriend, Sinon is in a bit of a predicament. We end the episode on a cliffhanger where she is presumed shot, but it is rather obvious she wasn’t shot, or at the very least she won’t die from it. SAO might be epic and well made, it is not the kind of show which kill important characters. Sinon is there to stay, so how did she survived that shot? Obviously we’ll get the answer next episode, but it is rather likely that either her adrenaline took over and she broke free from the paralyzing shot or Kirito simply came back in time to save her. I really have no clue which one is more likely though. What I do know is that Death Gun is either someone extremely talented or a cheater, seeing his equipment it is rather obvious that he is dressed to kill.

Sword Art Online II invisibility

The guy has a sniper rifle which has only been heard of in legends, he can turn invisible and he posses a gun capable of killing someone in real life. He never did any acrobatic, he never used any overwhelming force of particularly flashy skills, he simply walks around and kill people without breaking a sweat. Somehow, I find it unlikely that he could achieve all this without some kind of cheating aid. Now is it that some developer gave the guy some advantage in the same way that Kirito was chosen to be the hero of SAO, or does he simply cheat using some flaws in the code is something I am not sure we will get an answer to anytime soon, but I am really curious how he manages to get away with all this.

Sword Art Online II shot down

This episode was definitively the episode of SAO I was looking forward to for the last 2 weeks, I hope the show keeps on picking up pace and goes more into the depth of its story. It is doing a great job so far at displaying its epic qualities, I am enthralled.

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