Sword Art Online II episode 20: Defeating a Boss While Short-Handed

Sword Art Online II Boss

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Well, this arc is turning out to be so much worse than I even expected it to be. The worse thing is, with the speed it is going at, this arc will once again be only 3 episodes, meaning we will have yet one more shitty arc to go through after this one. Look, the individual stories are fine, but my major complaint is…I didn’t sign up for this. Sword Art Online is already such a generic show, I really didn’t need even more generic crap to be a part of it.

Sword Art Online II raid leader Asuna

It is great and all to see more raid content, but seeing as there is no real danger, seeing as what I’m watching right now is just a very generic video game rendition of a raid…I would much rather just do a real raid right now than watch this crap. Sword Art Online was an interesting anime because it gave a different perspective on MMO and video games. Now what is supposed to be fun? We are straight up just witnessing a cheesy MMO story and nothing else here. Sword Art Online suddenly changed genre for me, it is no longer an action fantasy anime…it is now a slice of life. And if there is one thing people who know me are aware of, it is how much I dislike slice of life.

There are still a few things which keeps me happy every episode. For one, the way Kirito shows up at the end really makes me eager to see the next episode and see just how feared or how strong Kirito really is. Furthermore, I want to see what kind of strategy a team of 7 will use to defeat a major boss. Those are all little elements which still makes me somewhat excited into the episodes, but they really don’t account for that much enthusiasm at the end of the day. Yes I want to know what Kirito understood and Asuna didn’t, yes I want to understand why this arc is supposed to matter, but this is not enough to justify watching SAO.

Sword Art Online II Kirito

Those guys are just trying to kill their brand as things stand. The first season of SAO was not perfect, but it was still about 10 times better than what we are getting right now. I will finish covering this series because I am already quite committed since we are at episode 20 of 24, but you can be certain that if there is a third season, I won’t jump on it. I am disappointed, highly disappointed.

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