Bleach 312: Omaeda Dreams come true


Omaeda tells some kids he saves that he is a captain, the rumor spread and soon a whole village think he is a captain. Things turns to nightmare when the kids from the village comes to visit him in seireitei.

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Bleach 309: The downfall of the Gods


Ichigo and Aizen have become more powerful than any other mortal, they have transcended the limit of the shinigami and the hollows. But their struggle between life and death are about to come to an end as those two titans finish their ultimate battle.

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Infinite Stratos episode 6: Magical Breasts


Ichika understands a bit more about the reasons that pushed Laura to hate him, and he learns a little more about Charles secrets too.

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Bleach 308: Battle of the Titans


Gin lost his last chance of overthrowing Aizen and now that he is defeated, there is no one to protect Ichigo’s friend from the overwhelming power of the new evolved Aizen. Or so we were led to believe before an overly calm and confidant Ichigo appears.

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Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? episode 5: The Broken heart of a Zombie


Aikawa has a date with Kyoko, he is quite excited about it but after meeting her she reveals something unexpected to Aikawa that break his heart.

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Infinite Stratos episode 5: The French Trap


A new transfer student arrives at the IS academy, his name is Charles Dunois. He is a male pilot coming directly from France. But he seems to have some odd secret he is trying to hide from everyone.

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