Summer 2014 Top 5 Anime Opening Theme

0-gate top 5 OP

Another season, another Top 5! This season was rather particular… Unlike the usual, there was no easy-to-find No. 1 and instead we just had a lot of very good opening themes that all seemed about equal in terms of quality. This made it extremely difficult to create a Top 5; first, we had to find what 5 opening themes were actually better than the rest. Then, we had to figure out which of those equally good openings would be higher up on the list. It was a difficult process, but we managed to come up with something that hopefully showed an accurate representation of the quality of each of these opening sequences. Without further ado, here are the 5 best opening of the Summer 2014 Anime Season !

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Spring 2013 Top 5 Anime Opening Themes

We are reaching the middle of the Spring 2013 Anime Season! It is time to look at all the best anime openings of the season and to compile them into this Top 5.

This season had some pretty solid openings. We’ve seen fiercer competitions in the past, but as you climb this Top 5 you will see that some of the top spots have some very interesting openings that are well worth the watch even if you never saw the actual anime. We also have a special horrible mention this season, because while overall the season had some great opening, there was one show who managed to outdo itself in term of how bad an opening can be. Look forward to it!

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