Summer 2014 Top 5 Ending Theme

Top 5 Anime Ending

The end is here! I am of course talking about the end of the Summer Season 2014! and speaking of end, we are going to talk about the best endings the anime industry had to offer this time around. Just like the openings of the season, this summer’s endings were amazing compared to what we’ve been used to. There was a large selection of endings which just blew away most of the usual competition, we picked the best 5 of the bunch and compiled them into this Top 5. Hope you will enjoy it.

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Winter 2013 Top 5 Anime Ending Themes

It is time for our Seasonal Top 5 Anime Ending Theme! Here, we have looked at all the endings of the season and selected the best of the best. We then compiled them into this Top 5 for everyone to admire.

I was absolutely stomped this season to see that the best endings of the season were actually far better than most openings we saw this season. Most anime in this top 5 even manage to have multiple endings for their season.  Now let’s head right into this top 5 and see what wonders this season had in store for us.

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Fall 2012 Anime Top 5 Ending Themes

Now is the time for the Top 5 Ending Theme of Fall 2012, for us to see some of the best endings of this incredible season and to judge which one blew us away the most. While the top 5 endings may not be as prestigious as the top 5 opening themes, there are still some good heavyweights that put up a good fight to make it into this top 5 of the Fall 2012 season.

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