Robotics;Notes Overall Review

giant robot

Robotics;Notes was a 22 episodes long snore fest that I absolutely regret watching. The show gave me high hopes because of the 2 big hit of the same universe that preceded it: Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate. Unfortunately this one was a complete flop and in this review we’ll look at every elements individually and see why Robotics;Notes completely failed to make a good impression and to make it worth watching.

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Sword Art Online Final Review

kirito badass fighting

I feel like this show could have kept going on for years and I would have watched it. The story just seem so fantastic, to be immersed into a video game and the video game becomes your life. Yet all good things must come to end and so did SAO, now time to take a look at how awesome this show was.

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Fall 2012 Anime Top 5 Ending Themes

Now is the time for the Top 5 Ending Theme of Fall 2012, for us to see some of the best endings of this incredible season and to judge which one blew us away the most. While the top 5 endings may not be as prestigious as the top 5 opening themes, there are still some good heavyweights that put up a good fight to make it into this top 5 of the Fall 2012 season.

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