Free! Eternal Summer episode 13 [Final]: Moving on

Despite the slow beginning of this episode, it seems that it managed to grab me emotionally more than enough to call this a good ending to an okay show. The extreme innuendoes and stupidly cheesy moments are over now; take it in a good or bad way, but it has ended none the less.

free nostalgia

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Nagi no Asukara Overall Review

nagi no asukara hikari manly

Let’s be honest here; if I’m still blogging this show after 26 episodes and I even bother to write a final review, it means that this show is worth it. Which means, that you should watch it.

All opinions aside, however (or at least, biased ones anyway), Nagi no Asukara is a heart-warming Slice of Life/Romance that will leave you either crying or smiling every episode. Should you be interested in the genre, it would definitely be one of the first shows I would recommend.

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The World God only Knows episode 12 [Final]: Best Ending

world god chihiro cry

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