Free! Eternal Summer episode 13 [Final]: Moving on

Despite the slow beginning of this episode, it seems that it managed to grab me emotionally more than enough to call this a good ending to an okay show. The extreme innuendoes and stupidly cheesy moments are over now; take it in a good or bad way, but it has ended none the less.

free nostalgia

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Aku no Hana Overall Review

Aku no Hana deviant art

Aku no Hana was an experimental anime used to demonstrate the Rotoscope technology which was used in the anime for the animation. The show is really a hot topic as some would call it the most hated of Spring 2013, but is the hate justified? We will review the show for each of its individual strength and weaknesses and see where it did well and what went wrong.

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Valvrave the Liberator Overall Review

Valvrave the Liberator claim of independance

The first season of Valvrave is over and while we wait for the second season that comes out in fall, we’ll review this one and see how well it did depending on different criteria. Valvrave was one of the best show of the Spring 2013 Anime Season, so it should be an interesting, and really positive, review that shall unfold.

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Sword Art Online Final Review

kirito badass fighting

I feel like this show could have kept going on for years and I would have watched it. The story just seem so fantastic, to be immersed into a video game and the video game becomes your life. Yet all good things must come to end and so did SAO, now time to take a look at how awesome this show was.

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Kamisama Dolls [Final Impression]

The First season of Kamisama Dolls is over and now it is time to see just how awesome it was.

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Astarotte No Omocha! [Final Impression]

Here it is, the Final Review of that huge pile of incestuous  pedophilia. This show was so horrible I don’t know where to start  screaming and where to start crying. Time for the last review before I permanently purge this show from my head.

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