Recommendations: A-1 Pictures

It’s time for yet another studio special! This time we follow up with another old studio with great variety, and try to find the best shows of the studio for you to enjoy on your day off (or procrastination activities). This week, expect a lot of variety; if you’re unsure what could interest you the most, be sure to click on the links included and see if the anime could fit your style!

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Winter 2013 Overview


The Winter 2013 season was an atrocious one; there was barely anything worth watching. I mean, it was to be expected; Winter and Summer are always the two seasons that suck the most in the year, but usually there is at least one thing new and unexpected that shatters the expectations and the minds of all. Nothing of that happened this season though; the only shows that came out that were worth a damn were sequels.  At least we were fortunate enough to have had a great Fall 2012 season that gave us the second half of many 25-episode shows. Psycho-Pass and Shinsekai Yori were by far the best shows of the season, the two of them making their way into my personal category of “Shows of the Decade”; usually, only 2 or 3 shows each year makes it in this category, and this time we had two of them play at the same time.

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Fall 2012 Anime Top 5 Opening Themes

The end of season is closing in, and we simply thought we’d entertain you a little bit with this Top 5, one which we (ZeroGhj and Myst) had to debate fiercely to decide the best OPs of the season. When a season with so many gorgeous openings pops up, it’s hard to choose…

When we reviewed the openings, we took into consideration the choice of song, the quality of the animation and how well they both worked with each other. Whether you agree or not is a matter of opinion, therefore feel free to discuss in the comments how you think the top 5 should go.

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